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Heyho :DD

I found another victim for an interview!! This time it was DeathCrew :D

Lisi: Interview-time!! :D

DeathCrew: Woooooo!!

Lisi: Are you ready?

DeathCrew: Wait, I'm kinda lost, now..

Lisi: Why? :D

DeathCrew: I'm stoned.. ok, I'm ready :D

Lisi: Then welcome to the next awesome .45 interview! :D

Moto joined us

Lisi: So, DeathCrew, what's your real name and how old are you?

DeathCrew: My name is Francisco and I'm 20 :)

Lisi: Oke, how long do you play AC already?

DeathCrew: I play for about 7 years, but only for 2 years seriously. And in my AC career, I was always a noob. :D

Lisi: Yaaay, another noob, I'm not alone :D
In what clans were you before?

DeathCrew: My first clan was [HTN], but I only joined them to get better. After that I joined the clan of my dream: -KUT-. Both were LSS clans. :)

Lisi: And why do you want to join .45, now?

DeathCrew: Because it's a cool family and there are many of my friends and of course my new lover Separ <3

Lisi: Ohh, how sweet, the next .45 couple :D

DeathCrew: I made the decision to join .45 after your anniversary day. It was a great party with awesome music :D

Lisi: Thank you, that's nice to hear.
What's your favourite map and weapon?

DeathCrew: I spam playing LSS on douze, so favourite map: douze and favourite weapon: granades :)

Miro joined us

Lisi: Describe yourself a bit please :D

DeathCrew: I'm sexy. Nothing else to say about me.. jk, I'm a funny dude, but sometimes I act like a troll :)

Moto: DC, do you smoke weed?

DeathCrew: Yes, I'm actually stoned, now :x

Moto: What is the most, you smoke a day?

DeathCrew: I don't know, man :)

Lisi: What are the most important things for you?

DeathCrew: Weed for sure.. then the rest

Lisi: And what is the rest?

DeathCrew: Well, I'm a guy, who only need few things: a girlfriend, some mates, my family and my weed.. nothing else :D

Lisi: Do you have any hobbies?

DeathCrew: AC is my hobby :) I'm a student and I also work, so I don't have much time for other things

Lisi: And another question: you have a girlfriend? I thought, you're in love with Separ? :D

DeathCrew: Yes, I have one since one month.. but i was almost engaged with a different girl.. they always leave me.. :(
And Separ is only a casual lover :P

Lisi: When you would go to a lonely island and you're allowed to carry only one thing. What would that be? (and don't say weed or any other drug :P)

Moto: Say weed :O

DeathCrew: I will take my girlfriend with me because weed my finish.. but that hole.. never :)
My real self is a shy and kind person and even if I joke about my girlfriend, I'm really in love, now :)

Lisi: What would you do, when you could change the world?

DeathCrew: Hard question, I probably would like to see a world without the shit, that is around.. now you're going deeper into my characters.. stop now :)

Lisi: No, that's what I want to reach :P
What do you mean with shit?

DeathCrew: I mean the poverty and crisis, we're living in nowadays.. I fell it first person because my parents lost their work few years ago..

Moto: That sucks :(

DeathCrew: Yeah, that's the life out AC..

Miro: Ye, it's getting worse and worse with capitalism.. -.-
Do you live directly in Rome?

DeathCrew: Now, I don't live in Rome because my university is in some other part of Italy, so I live at Laquila.

Miro: Oh, what do you study?

DeathCrew: Philosophy :)

Miro: Ahhhh, nice xD I started it, too, but broke it atm

DeathCrew: But my real aim is to become a great and famous web designer :P

Miro: Why do you study philosophy then? o.O

DeathCrew: Because I'm a weirdo.. no, I don't know exactly, but in Italy there are no schools or universities about becoming a web designer

Miro: I see, anyway, interesting topic :)

Lisi: Omg, I almost forgot to ask this :D
DeathCrew, is your lamp dirty? :D

DeathCrew: What do you mean with lamp? xD

Lisi: Just lamp :D

DeathCrew: Wanna clean it?

Miro: Best answer ever xD

Lisi: Why does everyone think that I mean someting pervert..? :(
So, what do you like and dislike? :D

DeathCrew: I like to have fun and party all night on :D

Lisi: What does the Deathcrew now wants to tell the DeathCrew in 2030?

DeathCrew: I would like to tell him: don't toll and don't kill in Gema :P

Lisi: So you think, that you still play AC in 2030?

DeathCrew: I hope so. It's only a game, I know, but i met nice guys from other countries with whom i'm still in contact, even if they left AC.

Miro: Since you study philosophy, what do you say about the question if god exists or not? :)

DeathCrew: God doesn't exist, but the man for his nature himself needs a god, so god esists because we, or better a big part of the people, need a god :)

Miro: But why doesn't he exist?

DeathCrew: Because we don't have proofs about his existence, in my opinion god like the gods of other religions are just a myth of the ancient population

Miro: But not to have proof isn't an argument against god, is it?

DeathCrew: Yes, because all things and phenomenas we know are based on concrete evidence :)

Miro: So do you think, only the things exist you have proof of?

DeathCrew: Mate, I believe in science and in everything that can be explained by concrete things :)

Moto: Do you like rap music?

DeathCrew: Yes, I was really in touch with the hip-hop community of Rome :) But I only listen to songs where the lyrics are about something serious.. I don't like crap self praise songs.. -.-

Miro: What would you do if there's a burning house and you can rescue only one person, but there are two: a beautiful girl and a very friendly old woman..

DeathCrew: The beautiful girl because she's younger and I think, the friendly old woman would agree with me :)

Lisi: So, I think, that's the end. Thank you all for asking and answering :D

Miro: Thank you for the interview :)

DeathCrew: You're welcome :)

From me, you get a F1 for Trial! :D ( But please, don't rage so often and just try to be yourself ;) )

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RE: DeathCrew

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by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

F3 noob ♥

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RE: DeathCrew

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by funcat | 59 Posts | 59 Points

DeathCrew: The beautiful girl because she's younger and I think, the friendly old woman would agree with me :)

awww so u would rescue me :3

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RE: DeathCrew

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by Separ | 356 Posts | 356 Points

F1 for trial !

i like your Girlfriend

i like beer
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RE: DeathCrew

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by DeathCrew | 325 Posts | 325 Points

Only because you have big melons funcat :P and Qriz, nice paint skill on your avatar picture :P

Separ, I like you.

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RE: DeathCrew

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by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

Thanks jealousy vish♥

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RE: DeathCrew

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by S0uLk3R | 404 Posts | 404 Points

Is their an option of F2ing?

Just kidding F1

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RE: DeathCrew

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

I really don´t know what to vote. First i heard from 4 Members about Problems. Now 1 more told me that he doesnt like you. I heard about trolling, gema-killing and raging on members. On the other hand Separ told me that he really likes you.

For my part i have only a few impressions of which i can try to construct a picture:

- I am not much ingame, so i can´t say smth about that.
- I spoke 2 times on ts3 with you and you were friendly to me.
- From participating in the interview partly I had a vaguely twisted impression: Friendly, Funny, Relaxed & Slightly Arrogant, not caring about others, Intelligent but unmotivated (i dont care if that comes cuz you were stoned, it was your app interview)
- You are studying Philosophy: 1 "Miro Plus Point" :)

Overall: I am asking myself: what´s behind your mask?

But these are only impressions and for sure not the full picture. So I really don´t want to vote neither F1 nor F2. I don´t vote atm. But I am sure If you really want to be part of our family you can change this first picture. It depends on you!

Ps: Usually we change our opinions really fast with positive experiences. We aren´t the vindictive type :) You have got already 3 F1´s for trial, you need only 2 more. So good luck :)

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RE: DeathCrew

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by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points

I really loved some of the interview answers, but I've got a bad feeling, if miro senses something.
Hearing, that there have been complicated situations with more than four members even before apping really started is another kickback for my motivation to vote.

Considering I'm almost not existant in TS or ingame atm. means I have to trust my mate's judgements.

But I really loved some of the interview answers ... you remind me of myself a few years ago.
Wish I had more time to get to know you. Probably after exams.

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RE: DeathCrew

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Zitat von para im Beitrag #9
... you remind me of myself a few years ago.

Interesting to hear such thing from you para

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RE: DeathCrew

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by HERO!N | 84 Posts | 84 Points

f2 i dont like u

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RE: DeathCrew

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by DeathCrew | 325 Posts | 325 Points

Well, I can understand you miro. I want just to write you few words.

After all I'm not unmotivated, else I would not left my mates at 6 pm to come at my interview, not even after your reply which weighs like a F2. I really want to join this clan and stay here for the rest of my assaultcube career.
I know how I'm made and my character, sometimes I act like a kid, of course sometimes I like to troll people, I flame when I don't agree with something and sometimes because of the game. Told that, i want say that there're some people who are hypocrites and they pretend to don't understand the jokes, on my side I can write that I never insulted anyone in this clan except if they take "noob" as an insult. They should read that going to you to complain about me don't make they a man, if they really have problems with me they should just write to me in private and I'll be glad to apologize if I really did something bad/wrong, but I really see that someone is still a kid who need to call the mom like when we were child and another kid hurt us (the flaming part :P).

Behind my mask there's only my sexy face

Separ <3

fap fap

Thanks for the F1's

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RE: DeathCrew

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Hi DC,

thx for your answer. My text doesnt count as F2. But nobody voted and i wanted to say my stuff and to give you a chance with it. Btw: people didnt came to mummy. It´s like we are talking always cuz we are a social clan... and yes... we really like to talk to each other. That´s for example what i mean with arrogant. But anyway... HERO!N for example told you not to take the name NSDAP or to stop GEMA Killing and you didnt react. So the question between you and joining 45 is actually only one: are you willing to change behaviors like taking racist names, gema killing, raging and so on? We all having a lot fun in 45, but we know what is funny and what is not.

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RE: DeathCrew

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by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

f3 ur dick too thick

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RE: DeathCrew

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by DeathCrew | 325 Posts | 325 Points

HERO!N is a liar then. I'm not racist, and I never had a name like this in game. For the story of gema killing is very long to explain, I just write in simple words that I made a 'bet' with |HP| one of the most notorious gema players about becoming the best gema killer alive. (lol) But okay I got it I won't kill in 45's gema server.

And yes your reply doesnt count like a F2, but for me and my feelings it does.

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