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Heyho guys :DD

After a long time, I made an interview again. This time it was with the lovely Tokatore. :DD

Sorry, that it's the old interview-style again, but I promise, next time, I will do the new one :DD
Nevertheless, we had much fun doing it and I hope, you'll have as much fun reading it :DD

Tokatore: Okay, Iím ready for your questions :D

Lisi: So, are you ready for the next weird .45 interview? :D
Oh, come on.. donít be faster than me :P

Tokatore: yeah yeah :D

Lisi: Oke, first question: whatís your real name? :D

Tokatore: My real name is Aaron and my last name is secret :D

Lisi: Yeah, first name is completely enough :D

Tokatore: Good :P

Lisi: How old are you? And how long do you play AC already? :D

Tokatore: I am 15 years old and I play AC for 6 years now, so, yeah, I grew up with AC :D

Lisi: So you started with 9 ?! o.O

Tokatore: Yeah lol
Tokatore: I played under the famous alias 'unarmed'

Lisi: Wow.. I know that alias. I started with it, too :D

Tokatore: Lol, what a coincidence :D

Quico joined

quico: What is your favourite mode?

Tokatore: They switch from time to time

Lisi: And atm? :D

Tokatore: Now, my favourite mode is CTF, but before my break I liked gemas and LSS

Chill joined

Lisi: Why is everyone so into gemas? :D

Tokatore: The gema servers have nice people to play with

Chill: You mean Baruch xD

Tokatore: Yeah, Baruch is a cool dude lol

Lisi: Yeah, some of them helped me out, when I was too stupid to jump over sth :D

Tokatore: Many people say gema is noobish, but I liked it. I can use my Ďgema skillsí for flag capping. :D

Lisi: And what do you like about .45?

Tokatore: Mostly, I like the people in .45, they are all really nice and funny. They can be serious when they need to and I like to play matches with them. :D

Chill: Awesome, F1!

Tokatore: I did 2 already and Iím looking forward to the next one :D

quico: Your favourite weapon?

Tokatore: My favourite weapon is the AR (for flag runs) and sometimes I use the sniper

Chill: What are you looking for the most in life?

Tokatore: I want to be #1 player in AC. Thatís the goal of my life. :D

Chill: Donít dream so much, Iím here :P

Lisi: The goal of your life is to be the best AC player? :O

Tokatore: No, I want to develop a robot for space investigations (stupid word). Iím really into space and stars. :D

Lisi: Oh nice :D So do you want to fly to the moon someday?

Tokatore: Nah, donít want to be an astronaut :D Just devolope satellites, robots.. all that stuff :D

Lisi: So I canít say that I know someone who has been on the moon.. 

Tokatore: Maybe in 30 years or so :D

Lisi: I am waiting :D
So do you want to join us as a fun or a competitive member?

Tokatore: If I can, I want to join as a competitive member. I love playing matches with you guys :D

quico: Lisi, I have never seen you playing AC, why?

Lisi: Because Iím not good, my ingame name isnít Lisi and I have a lot of work at school atm :D

Tokatore: Exams?

Lisi: Yeah, in 1 month I will write my final exams..

Tokatore: Nice! Good luck :D

Lisi: Thank you :D
We have to go on :D Where do you see you in 5 years? :D

quico: See you later, I go for an inter

Tokatore: Good luck, dude

Lisi: Oke, have fun :D

quico: Thanks <3

Tokatore: hmm.. in 5 years I see myself.. hard one..

Lisi: I know :P

Tokatore: Ofc, still playing AC :D

Lisi: Of course, no question :D

Tokatore: Studying space technology in America (I hope) and ofc partying all night etc etc you know it :D

Lisi: Oh, that would be great :D
After my apprenticeship I want to live 1 year in America :D

Tokatore: Nice, maybe we can meet and visit Soulker :D

Lisi: So, whats your favourite music btw?

Tokatore: My favourite music is house and electric, sometimes rap

Lisi: And which musician do you prefer?

Tokatore: I like a lot of musicians, for instance, armin van buuren, yonas, pmac, logic..

Lisi: Yep, I donít know any of them :D

Tokatore: You donít know armin van buuren? Shame shame.. :D

Soulker joined

Soulker: Hi

Lisi: Heyho :DD

Tokatore: Hey soulker

Soulker: I just woke up and Iím very tired :)

Lisi: No problem :D

Tokatore: what time is it over there?

Soulker: 7:30 :(

Lisi: Ehm.. Toka, did you have to change your time today?

Tokatore: lol yeah, so confusing

Lisi: Oh yeah, it is.. I lost 1 important hour of my holy sunday :(

Tokatore: Yep, same here

Lisi: Oke, nice, that not only germany is that stupid :D

Tokatore: I still donít know why we have to change times

Lisi: Oh, it was because it will save electricity in winter or sth like that.. totally insane..

Tokatore: Lol, crazy people on this earth :D

Lisi: Youíre right.. the ones who started AC with 9 are the worst :P

Tokatore: Ahhh, shut up :D:D
Back in that days you could change maps and wallhack that way :D

Soulker: Back in AC day 1.0 was the best :(

Tokatore: When you're 10 years old hacking is the best thing in the world :D

Lisi: So, Soulker, you can ask sth, too :P

Soulker: Still trying to process my brain :D
Do you like sleeping Tokatore?

Tokatore: Who doesnít like sleeping, right?

Soulker: How much sleep do you get a night?

Tokatore: 6hours and on weekends around 15 :D

Soulker: I usually get 4-6 every night

Lisi: Enough about sleeping.. before I get tired again :DD

Tokatore: *yawn*

Lisi: In what class do you go? :D

Tokatore: 4th class of highschool (out of 6) and I do math, informatica, religion, dutch and german

Lisi: Ohh, german :D

Tokatore: Das ist sehr toll :D

Soulker: Religion? You are religious?

Tokatore: Iím not, I had to take it :P

Soulker: Must be a bad class for you then :P

Tokatore: Nah, I have good grades in that class, so yeah

Lisi: How good are you at german?

Tokatore: I can understand pretty much everything (if u donít talk fast) and speakwise, I know the basics

Lisi: And since when do you have it in school?

Tokatore: I have it 3 years now. So since the first class in high school

Lisi: Oh, thatís not long.. and when you understand the most, itís pretty good :D

Soulker: What is your favorite german word?

Tokatore: merhschweinschen

Lisi: Itís Meerschweinchen :D
I had 3 years french, but I almost forgot everything..

Tokatore: Lol, itís like arabic

Lisi: If you have to go to a lonely island and you're allowed to carry only one thing, what would it be?

Soulker: Hahaha, this question :D

Lisi: Itís miroís :D

Tokatore: Hmm.. I have a lot of things.. computer is worthless there.. probably a knife or a bottle of water :D

Lisi: What now?

Tokatore: Probably a machete, yep :D

Lisi: Oke :D Would be useful, yeah :D

Soulker: Not Soulker :(

Tokatore: If you grow your nails, I can use you as a machete :D

Lisi: Haha :D That picture in my head :D

Soulker: What do you think of the world/society?

Tokatore: I think, this is a fucked up world to be honest

Lisi: And why?

Tokatore: Everyone thinks, they are better than the other, everyone turned into a complete d!ck.. (except .45 :D) mainly because of the internet..

Soulker: Thatís true, a lot of bullying comes from the internet..

Lisi: Next miro-type question: When you stand in front of a burning house and you can only rescue one person, but in that house lives a friendly old woman and a young pretty girl.. which one would you rescue? And why?

Tokatore: I would rescue the young pretty girl because the old woman has maybe 15 years to live and the young girl over 70
But first I will take a selfie with both :D

Lisi: Then you will die, too :P

Tokatore: miro has hard questions :D

Soulker: Basically .45 clan brain and smartness comes from miro :D Heís the brain of .45

Lisi: Oh yeah, thats true :D

Tokatore: Miro's questions are hard, but you get to know the personality of the person better

Lisi: Yep, thatís why he asks them :D

Soulker: If you had to pick either arm or leg if you would get decapitated what would it be and why?

Tokatore: I will choose legs because you can walk on your arms and you canít do anything with your legs.. just walking
We are doing this for 1 hour now, felt like 5 mins :D

Lisi: Yeah, it makes really fun and I can improve my english at the same time :D

Tokatore: Yeah, same here Lisi

Soulker: I donít need to improve my english :D

Lisi: So, any interview related questions left? :D

Soulker: Going to AC: What is your favorite map/mode and gun?

Tokatore: map: power because I can do a lot of unique flag runs and I like the layout
mode: CTF because itís good for matches and stuff
gun: AR, because of the kickback and sometimes sniper to go tryhard

Soulker: Could not have said it better, power is one of my favorites because of flag running haha

Tokatore: nice :D I also like d3 and urban. Urban because of the old mighty Deathcrew and d3 because itís famous and always fun :D

Lisi: Urban :DD Then you're almost the only one in .45 who likes it :D

Tokatore: Haha :P

Lisi: Oh, I almost forgot.. shame on me.. Is your lamp dirty? :D

Soulker: Oh no

Tokatore: Nope, it shines bright like a diamond

Mise joined

Mise: Yo

Lisi: Heyho :DD

Tokatore: Mise, yo :D

Soulker: Hi

Lisi: Any last questions? :D

Soulker: Not from me :D

Mise: nah haha

Lisi: Oke, then thank you for a very nice and funny interview :DD I hope, you had a bit fun, too :D

Tokatore: I had a lot of fun and thank you :D

Mise: Oh, did you mention waht a nice person I am? And how good looking I am? :D

Tokatore: Of course we did Mise :D

We all had a great time and I think, Tokatore is really nice and deserves a F1 for Trial :DD

PS: You have to imagine about 1000 "jajajajaja" from quico between questions and answers :DD

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RE: Tokatore

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by Tokatore | 8 Posts | 8 Points

i liked the interview alot!

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Sun Mar 30, 2014 10:00 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Welcome Tokatore! Nice Interview! I am curious about these robots... will they play Mars-Lss?

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Mon Mar 31, 2014 1:19 am
by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

didnt read too much but welcome xD

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Mon Mar 31, 2014 12:32 pm
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

looking forward to play with you :)

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Tue Apr 01, 2014 7:16 pm
by DeathCrew | 325 Posts | 325 Points

F1 for sure, this guy is a great friend and also a decent player, I remember him posting a screen of a lss round who won against me bragging of his victory, nice, I was playing lss from 1 week.

Wellcome little aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaron

kiddo <3

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Wed Apr 02, 2014 6:06 am
by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

Nice to see you here Tokatore.

F1 for Trial for sure. I enjoyed our match even with my problems xD

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Fri Apr 04, 2014 9:54 am
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Hey Tokatore,

I don´t know what to vote, cuz I never manage these days to have a conversation with you. I was waiting that you maybe try to speak with us. There came not much from your side. But I have to admit that i also didn´t try much. xD So what to do?

My Consideration:

+ Interview seems nice
+ In ts3 you seem friendly
+ DC likes you very much
+ There are no problems with you

- You don´t speak (voice)

Conclusion: Don´t be shy! We all are a friendly family of players (Except Baruch, he eats 3 Gema-Killers @Breakfast)! Feel Welcome! F1 for trial! :)

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Fri Apr 04, 2014 12:42 pm
by Separ | 356 Posts | 356 Points

Me too i real dnt know u :(

i like beer
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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:17 pm
by Chill | 298 Posts | 298 Points

F1 for trial! I´ve played with you, and you´re not bad at all :). But speak with us, I was shy too, look at me now :D

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Fri Apr 04, 2014 5:27 pm
by Baruch | 647 Posts | 647 Points

Talk with us :) Family is about sharing !

Haha I'm so funny.

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:00 pm
by Tokatore | 8 Posts | 8 Points

okay i will unmute my mic and talk, thx!

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Sat Apr 05, 2014 3:34 am
by DeathCrew | 325 Posts | 325 Points

He's shy because he has a kid voice don't worry mate now everyone know dat!!!

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Sun Apr 06, 2014 5:29 pm
by Zangetsu | 70 Posts | 70 Points

F1 for trial :)

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RE: Tokatore

in Accepted Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:55 am
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Ok Ladies & Gentlemen... I would say: Last Day For Voting here. Since I see only F1s so far, Tokatore is going to be Trial tomorrow.

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