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...45 App Interview with the Hard Rock Robot from Outa Space


..... The 45 Interrogating Torture Team:

...Moto..........................................................as Boobs, Ass & Hair Inspector
.........Baruch...................................as Gentle Cloud Of The Gema Tribe
..................Chill...................................................as Travel Guide To Sunny Island
....Mr.Rabbit....................................................as Surprised Miro


Bender...................................................as Hard Rock Robot From Outa Space

.......Have Fun With That Very Interesting Interview!!!


Baruch, Chill, Bender and me started a conversation on 45 ts and decided we could also do it as app interview.

Baruch, Chill, miro (loudly): Hiiiiii Beeeender!!!

Bender: Äh, hi xD

Baruch: How old are you?

miro: He is 18. xD

Baruch: Where are you from?

Bender: Do you mean where i live or the origins?

Baruch: Oh, both.

Bender: I live in Serbia, but my fathers grandpa was from Russia.

Baruch: Interesting... For how long have you been playing AC?

Bender: I´ve been playing AC for 1 year and 2 months. But most of the time not ctf, more Tosok.

Baruch: Like everyone did that at first, i was playing Tosok in the beginning for a long time, too. (Editor: Nah Nah Nah, i started with ctf!!) Why did you chose 45 and not another clan?

Bender: Well, because i played a bit with Chill and i met some other guys... and guys from 45 are more social... I was BoB-Applicant... but there´s not all that social... i didn´t like it.

Baruch: Mh, ok, ye 45 is a really nice clan, i think. We are not the very best in matches all the time but we are fun at the end. It´s really nice to be here.

Bender: It is not all about victory.

Baruch: I stopped playing matches but i still have a lot fun here (Editor: Yeye. But he still does his Gema Records all the time... there he is really competitive xD).

Bender: Will you play matches again?

Baruch: Sometimes i play public but that´s enough for me. (Editor: Yeye. New Gema Record today...!)

Bender: Why?

Baruch: I don´t like all changes of 1.2... now I play Gema ALL THE TIME.

miro: Ye, Baruch is really a Gema Expert and does a lot of training there.

Baruch: Yee... But talk about Bender, haha.

Bender: I hate Gema xD

Baruch: ...like a lot of people. xD

Chill: Oh ye, me, too!

Baruch, Bender, Chill, Miro: haha xD

miro: But it´s good to train movement.

Bender: Ye it´s good, but when I have passed half of the map and I fall in some obstacle and can´t get over it and become upset and disconnect from the server.

Chill: I do that always xD

Bender: The only Gema I finished was Easy Gema. That´s all. xD

Baruch: I think Gema is really different from the rest of the game.

Chill: Are we talking about Gema or about Bender?

miro: I think it´s the same. You can get to know people by talking about everything. xD

All are laughing

miro: So Bender, I like to ask you what your attitude towards life is.

Baruch: OMG. xD

Laughing Again (Editor: Noobs! xD)

Bender: I don´t really care about anything. I just want to have fun, idk. I don´t care what happens.

Miro: Ah that´s nice. It´s like you take what comes and you make the best out of it?

Bender: Ye, pretty much.

miro: Nice Attitude. What are you hobbies?

Bender: I used to practice shooting with Handguns and Rifles. But I don´t do that anymore, cuz it´s really expensive.

miro: Have you been in a club or organisation for it?

Bender: Yes, ofc.

All: Laughing

miro: Ye, i heard some people do it in the woods or... smth like that. xD

Chill: He isn´t from USA! xD

miro: ...i mean... we can be sure then you don´t hunt people of other religions in your free time. xD What´s the good thing about shooting?

Bender: You learn how to be responsible with a gun. Cuz if you are not, you can hurt other people, which you don´t plan to hurt xDDD

miro: So it changed your focus on the world?

Bender: No, not really, I was doing that for fun, but idk, I liked weapons since I was a Kid. I really love weapons and... idk why. xD

miro: But I guess for sport not for shooting people...? xD

Bender: Yes, ofc!!

Chill: If you would go to a lonely Island tomorrow, what would you take with you? You can carry only 1 thing.

Moto: I would take my laptop.

Bender: Oh ye, definitively!

miro: Imagine there is no energy source and you have only 4 hours left...

Bender: Ye, true.... erm... I would take...

Moto: I would take a match to get fire. xD

Bender: ...sunglases!

All: hahaha xD

miro: Why?

Bender: Cuz when i think of an Island, I always think of the sun and I don´t really like it, so...

miro: What would you take to a dark & stormy Island?

Bender: A tent.

Moto: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Bender: I think it was a chicken?

Baruch & miro: Why?

Bender: It can lay an egg! xD

miro: But what if the last member of the pre-chicken-species lays the egg and in the egg is the first chicken?

Bender: What if God created the chicken?

miro: Uhh, ye, right! I forgot... xD (Editor: Bender told us he is an Orthodox Christian.)

Moto: What happens when you drive in a car at the speed of light and you turn on the headlights?

Bender: Nothing. You couldn´t see the light cuz u already traveling at the speed of light.

Moto: Will the light go faster?

Bender: No.

But we all agreed that there may differences in different spaces of the quantum level. xD

Moto: Blond, Brunette, Black or Red?

Bender: None. I mean what i like about a girl is not related to the hairs.

Moto: Boobs or Ass?

Bender: Erm... Ass!

Moto: Wew!

Bender: ...and Boobs xD Both is good.

Moto: Do you have girlfriend?

Bender: I had one... a month ago we broke up.

We talked about the reasons, but I decided not to post it, cuz I think it´s something what not all AC Community need to know. But Bender is a very open minded person. So if you feel the urge to know it, ask him in a private talk xD

Moto: Why is your name Bender?

Bender: It´s from the tv-show Futurama. I like Bender the Robot. So I changed from my former name Disturbed.

miro: What do you think about Bender?

Bender: Oh, you mean the character from the show? Well, he is a funny but... he is drinkin and smokin... which is not good and he is a thief and... all the worst things...

Moto: Have you ever smoked weed?

Bender: Once...but I didn´t like it. I was feelin really sick!

Moto: Do you smoke?

Bender: Ye I smoke.

miro: Bender, what do you think about yourself?

Bender: Well... I don´t wanna say the worst things... I don´t wanna say good things... cuz I don´t wanna look like...

Moto: It´s ok, just say it.

Bender: I don´t have any opinion, i am just a regular guy. I am not the best in anything or the worst... erm... idk...

miro: What is your best quality?

Bender: I can smoke 10 cigarrettes in a row.

miro: HAHAHAHA xD Without vomitting? xD That´s an ability! xD

Bender: That was a joke actually.

miro: If you had the possibility to change something in this world, what would that be?

Bender: I would lower the price of cigarrettes! xD

miro: Hahaha xD

Moto: If you could stop smoking, would you?

Bender: Yes, but I just can´t decide when.

Baruch: What is the thing you are most proud of?

Bender: ...let me think... my friends... they change cuz of others and i don´t... for example... most of them listen to rap and they want me to but I don´t care and I listen to Rock...

Moto: What do you think, you can bring to 45?

miro: Moto you should become our Top-Interviewer! :)

Bender: Well... I can make you laugh! xD I am not the best player... I will try to become better in the future ...and I bring to 45... me! xD

miro: Good answer!

Baruch: You don´t have to try to be a better player... like some people like me don´t try to be competitive... (Editor: What´s with Gema? xD) ... so there is no pressure and nobody will think bad about you, if you are not as good as others...

miro: Ye we are very relaxed in this point. You can be fun or Competitive Player, just like you want.

Bender: Ye... I would maybe try in the beginning to be Fun Player, because I am not that good player atm but in the future I think... Is it possible to change that?

miro: Ye, everytime, you can do everything you want in 45.

Bender: Oh..., then I think, I will become Competitive Player in the future, not now.

miro: Ye we in 45 share the opinion that rules only are between people and that they force people in a certain direction... So we don´t care too much about rules, you know. xD

Moto: What´s the most bad thing you´ve ever done, that your parents don´t know about it?

Bender: I smoked weed.

miro: To which feeling you have the biggest relation?

Bender: I would say it´s anger... but it´s maybe related to music, cuz when i listen to it... it makes me angry... idk why.

miro: So actually you are using music to express your anger?

Bender: Ye.. in a way.

miro: I guess it is Hard Rock music then?

Bender: Ye, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal and thinks like that... like... idk... bands... like... Bullet From My Valentine, Lordi and things like that... Disturbed. Ye that was also my previous name cuz of the band.

miro: Ye... a friend showed me Disturbed!

Moto: Are you in High School or College?

Bender: I am still in High School but i will finish in June.

Moto: Then you will go to University?

Bender: Yes... i think...

Moto: What would be your job in the future?

Bender: Can I name 2?

miro: You can do everything you like. It´s your Interview. If you want us to make chicken sounds, we will do it xD

Bender: Ok xD . I think i would like to be a lawyer. The Reason is you can make good money and 2nd is Soldier or Stunt Double cuz of Adrenaline.

Moto: That´s scary.

Bender: It´s not, it´s cool.

Moto: Did you actually jump off a building or smth?

Bender: Ye. It is great.

miro: What was the most crazy thing you ever did?

Bender: There was a time... idk... i like to jump from very high places. Once i jumped over 5 meters without breaking anything xD

miro: Snowman had not that luck... he fell from a wall (on a party – don´t ask xD) and broke his leg 3 times at once xD

Bender: OMG! ...and there was another thing. Once a friend of me thought it´s funny to throw a stone into a window... at the end we had to run through almost the whole city xD We didn´t get caught, luckily.

miro: Haha xD ...before we finish... do you have some questions for us?

Bender: Are you the oldest member in the clan?

miro: No & Yes. Hati the founder of 45 is 41. But he is inactive since a long time.
He got tired of leading I guess...

Bender: Are you inactive atm? I mean ingame?

miro: I stopped playing over 1,5 years ago... cuz 45 were young to that time and in a crisis... near to break... and hati got tired of leading besides working very hard in real life... so I took the lead and tried to rebuilt 45. But our goal was always to have a clan without a leader... so i waited for the clan to be ready to have a council system. In that way more people can decide and learn how to make to their own decissions... and so i am like an advisor now xD

Bender: Will you play again?

miro: Mh... I still have a lot to do with the organisation of the clan and i do a selftherapy atm... so i don´t want the feelins from the game. Cuz if I would play I would play very competitive atm and that would prevent me from going to deeper levels of my self I guess.

Bender: Ye... I know what you mean.

miro: So... I think I... won´t play.

Bender: Well... my biggest problem while I play is, when I get killed, I totally lose control cuz of rage.

miro: So it is actually i good therapy for you to focus on your feelings while you get killed and get that under control? :)

Bender: Haha, not really xD

miro: You rage cuz you are disappointed of yourself?

Bender: Oh, no no, I am not disappointed of myself.

miro: Why do you rage then?

Bender: While I was in example in |Ax|, my ex-clan, I... well I feel bad because i wasted so much time playing public servers... and I think that influenced my gameplay to be bad... and I raged cuz of that mostly.

miro: So your aim is acutally to get better in skills?

Bender: Ye. But that´s not related to a clan. I can do that for my own, too. Being in a clan is more for making friends... socializing and things like that.

miro: Ye we try to represent both: a social family clan with a competitive team.

Baruch: Did you already talk with other people from the clan?

Bender: Yes. I am friend with Funcat, we know each other for a long time. I played a lot with Chill and we are talking lately like last few weeks. He was the one who invited me. :)

Baruch: How did you meet Funcat?

Bender: We met on LSS-Server and we speak the same language... so... we liked each other.

Moto: gtg, Wish you good luck Bender!

Bender: Thx man, gn!

miro: ty for your nice questions Moto! :) ...so what do you think about Funcat?

Baruch: OMG!

Bender: Well, haha, she is fun! She is pleasant to talk to and... what else to say...

miro: Ye... we all like her very much! :)

Bender: Ye, she is very nice!

Thank you for this very nice Interview & Good Luck! :)


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RE: Bender

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I like you, F1

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F1 for Trial my friend. You know that I like you very much and i would welcome you in this beautiful clan.

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F1 :D

Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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Ty guys :)

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Nice. F1 :)

PS: Egg was first, because the dinosaurs layed eggs long before chicken. ;)

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Nice to see you Bender!

F1for Trial for your nice attitude!

P.S oh man... you guys are making long line for my chair! Slow down! I only have one sit!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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F1 :) Have fun mate

Haha I'm so funny.

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Beware of Bender! F1 mate!

I like Separ's beer too
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Heyho Bender :DD

Nice interview! And of course a F1 for Trial!

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LoL Para, nice answer! Never heard that before xD ...and again I realize how small the fields are we sometimes stuck in...

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I like Separ's beer too
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Haha Todes <3

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Welcome Bender :D

i like beer
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