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*Lisi mode on* Heyho :DD *Lisi mode off*

I had the pleasure to make the interview with Benston, we had a lot of fun while doing it xD

Todesgurke: Now you are in Todesgurke's Hell! Where you get tortured with questions :D You also have the right to be silent, everything you say can be used against you xD

Benston: I'm glad to be in here :V

Todesgurke: Glad to be in hell? :o

Benston: BUT! I'm innocent :D

Todesgurke: Yeah yeah innocent...nobody is innocent, when he wants to join .45 xD

Benston: Hahaaa, okay it's true i have really angry soul and I wish to share with you :D

Todesgurke: Nice! Your enemy's will fear you on the battlefield! Or do people also fear you in real life, I have heard, you are doing wrestling :)

Benston: I do wrestling, but I don't want people get scared of me, I'm really polite and nice person in real life :P Sometimes I cross the line, but who doesn't? :D

Todesgurke: Since when do you do wrestling?

Benston: About 5 years

Todesgurke: What you mean with crossing the line? :o

Benston: hmm xDD

Todesgurke: Ha got you, you are not that innocent! :p

Benston: okay ,okay :( what can I do? :o

Todesgurke: Survive this or beat me in a wrestling match :D Okay that’s not my best idea :x

Benston: hell yeah! We can do this haha :D

Todesgurke: Nonono,I won't survive this <.< but you can show me some tricks ;)

Benston: Okay, I will teach you something about roman and greco roman style :D

Todesgurke: Does that hurt?

Benston: Well it can hurt, if u want :P I will teach you how to flip, it's easy haha :D

Todesgurke: o.o Please not :D Did you ever get hurt in a wrestling match or do you do wrestling just for fun?

Benston: It's a part of the training so… xD

Todesgurke: A part of training to get hurt o.o

Benston: Well yes, we are trying to do our best at that training, so someone can get hurt, but it's no big deal. Someone will go to the next café bar to get some ice :D It is not that usually.

Todesgurke: Another funny question: Did some also sneeze in your face or fart during wrestling training? :D

Benston: haha, always someone farts, it is normal, so we don't mind… except it stinks horrible :D

== Separ, Heroin and Alea sneak in ==

Separ: Hi Lady's :D Is it over?

Todesgurke:No, but you can ask a question :D

Separ: So Benston, I saw picture of u in facebook. You look like a guy who gets the girls :D Tell us how many girls you got this weekend.

Todesgurke: Wrestler get the girls xD

Benston Haha, well I don't have girls, they have me :D

Separ: So you don't have a girlfriend or are u an asshole? :P

Benston: I don't have a girlfriend, because I don't want one :D

Todesgurke: I know you only want me <3

Separ: You are clever my friend, it is very expensive.

Todesgurke: You can also visit funcat, she also lives in Croatia :D

Separ: Yes, I think so too, I believe he is a nice milfhunter.

Benston: Separ, how did u know? xD

Todesgurke: Now we know where the rabbit is running :D Do you know funcat in real life? :D

Benston: Nope :D What about Jane or Lisi? What they look like? :D

Separ: Blue eyes and blond hair.

Todesgurke: like Friteq? :D

Benston: So beautiful blue like the sky and tress :) Okay, I'm joking :D

Todesgurke: You compare girls with trees? :D 500 years old? :D

Benston: … XD

Todesgurke: Yeah, definitely milfhunter…

Benston: Ok u got me XD Don't mind me, because I like mommy's :S

Todesgurke: HIDE YO MUMS

Todesgurke: Then tell me the worst thing that ever happened to you :D

Benston: Most things happen horribly :S Okay:

I had a friend, with a good looking mum, very sexy and I was coming often to his house. We hang out and his mom was hanging out with "us". Once I asked her: Do you like me? She said: Get out of my house you little man, I'm an old woman!!!

Todesgurke: Poor Benston :(

Benston: And we are not friends anymore…

Separ: Well in this summer, I will go to croatia during my holidays, can I call you, if I need help ? :D

Benston: Sure my friend, I'm here 24/7 What city? :) We can do something :D

Todesgurke: You have to visit Benston and Funcat xD Haha partying with Separ, the drunken electrician :D

Separ: Wait I have to look, where I will stay…

Todesgurke: Btw are you going to school, are you working or university?

Benston: I just finished school

Separ: Near Novalja, Syrtsche or something like that…

Benston: Novalja, nice! Sea straight :D

Todesgurke: And girls everywhere? :D

Separ: Yes, I heard that they have nice parties and girls :p

Benston: In the whole Adriatic coast u have parties, so u can't miss 

Todesgurke: Perfect for Separ :D

Benston: You should stop near to me and then we go from north to south :D

Separ: Where do you live?

Benston: I'm living in Petrinja, it's a small town near Zagreb, the capital in the middle of Croatia. We will go from middle to north and to south and get 43573485798275879 chicks xD

Todesgurke: Any other good places you should visit in croatia?

Benston: Next to the sea every town is magical :) I'm going every yeah to Zadar Biograd, Vir and Zrce. Zrce is the best to get ladies.

Separ: I have one more question, but you have to reply with the truth :) Was 53nja really your dad?

Benston: Yes, it's true.

Separ: Wow, okay, I thought it was you :p

Benston: My dad likes to play games, he is the game master.

Separ: And he was the leader of the best clan ever, |CTB].

Separ: I was in |CTB| CROATIA THE BEST :D

Todesgurke: Separ, I guess you are a really tough guy, will you do a wrestling match versus Benston, when you meet in croatia?

Benston: Yeah, when you come here, we can do a match :D

Todesgurke: You have to film this epic moment :D

Separ: Okay, but you have to train before :p

Benston: Hahah sure :P

Todesgurke: JOKE OF THE DAY xDDD

Separ: I think without training, he can't bet the new Adonis :D

Todesgurke: Separ = new Adonis OMG xDD

== Lisi was pushed into the interview channel ==

Todesgurke: Lisi any question to Benston?

Lisi: Heyho :DD Is your lamp dirty? :D Legendary question in .45 interviews :D

Benston: Lisi, it's not dirty :S

Lisi: How dare you :D

== Cho joined the channel ==

Todesgurke: Cho is your lamp dirty?

Cho: It's a little dusty…

Benston: I'm feeling lonely here with so many people…

Todesgurke: When so many people are around you O.o LET'S ALL HUG BENSTON! :D

Lisi: So, what questions do you want to hear?

Benston: I don't know, what questions u like to ask me XD

Lisi: hmm.. I have to think a bit :D

Todesgurke": Mhhh classic: beer or harder alcohol?

Benston: Harder!!

Todesgurke: Lisi or funcat?

Benston: Both :D

Lisi: haha :DD On which map can you see a heart?

Todesgurke: Questions for Progamer ;)

Lisi: Yep :D can you answer it? :D

Todesgurke: you have to or you will not get into .45 xD

==5min passed by==

Lisi: So, Benston? :D

Benston: I don't know it sorry :x

Lisi: Now the answer: it's complex!! When you look at the health packages you can see a heart :D

*Note: I know what is coming now: everyone who has read this is now looking on complex xD

Benston: I don't know, how a heart looks like :/

Todesgurke: <3, like a butt xD

Benston: O.O haha

Lisi: Todes.. you are not romantic !! :PP Oh I have another question for Benston: Are you a romantic guy? :D

Benston: Well i am, but not too long, when that moment comes ^^ haha

Lisi: Haha :DD

Todesgurke: Wrestlingmoves in bed xD Any other questions before we burn Benston in hell? :D

Lisi: Why did you choose our clan? :DD

Benston: I wanted to get in this great family, and 45 is a big family and I enjoy the nice atmosphere in here :)

Todesgurke: He likes to be tortured by us xD

Lisi: What do you think of interviews instead of normal applications? :D

Todesgurke: Lisi just wants that this interview is getting longer and longer xD

Benston: It's a bit different than normal applications, but it's okay and you can have much fun :D

Lisi: So, that's the end? :D I don't have any last questions for Benston :D

Todesgurke: i think so, Benston, any last words before you die? xD

Benston: I'm a milfhunter!

Lisi: No comment :D



I like Separ's beer too
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RE: Benston

in Accepted Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:14 pm
by Separ | 356 Posts | 356 Points

F1 for TRIAL

only because he is hunting around :)

i like beer
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RE: Benston

in Accepted Tue Jan 28, 2014 8:19 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Really nice interview! :)

... but ... a mature-mommy-tree hunting wrestler with a dad in ac? I am scared!!!!!

Ok... now here is my vote... but u have to vote first, Benston

That I joined BoB before 45 was the biggest mistake of my Life:

F2, no trial, go and hunt milfs in the wildernes of croatia!

F1 for trial, Welcome my friend!


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RE: Benston

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by Liu Lin | 86 Posts | 86 Points

So Benston, you are a Ladykiller, eh? Same conditions as for Z!ll!um, you want some of my honoring noodles?
Then first: tell me what do you think about girls? You may consider you answer well

..............................................................................................손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다

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RE: Benston

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by Lisi | 309 Posts | 309 Points

Really nice interview, even if I was there only the last few minutes :DD

I hope, you'll survive one month in this chaotic clan. :DD Good luck! :D

F1 for Trial, Benston!!

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RE: Benston

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by S0uLk3R | 404 Posts | 404 Points

F1 Benston

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RE: Benston

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by Yorik | 45 Posts | 45 Points

hey Liu lin , nice name u have ;) what do i think about girls, well for the younger ones i think they are very immature, and biggest mistacke is that they want to grow up fast by smoking and wearing perverse dress clothes, and biggest problem is they have sex in age 12 WTF? I'm not ladykiller, i dont want to have to0 much girls thats why i am alone :D im not breaking heart guy :D but im not a guy who will wait for TRUE LOVE" i like to have fun with girls in partyes if u know what i mean ;)
and liu lin if that is you in a picture, i will marry you!

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RE: Benston

in Accepted Wed Jan 29, 2014 1:07 pm
by Yorik | 45 Posts | 45 Points

And i forgot to say,;; thanks for trial vote to everybody who voted, love you

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RE: Benston

in Accepted Wed Jan 29, 2014 2:15 pm
by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

As I know, I haven't posted your vote Benston!
I'd be happy to see you around. It's nice to see our family is getting bigger lately.

So I'd like to say...
F1 for Trial!!

Good Luck mate. Be Angry...

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: Benston

in Accepted Wed Jan 29, 2014 4:50 pm
by Liu Lin | 86 Posts | 86 Points

Wise answer! So for now you won the worlds biggest noodle mountain! Enjoy

But marrying me by a picture? ...

..............................................................................................손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다

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RE: Benston

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by funcat | 59 Posts | 59 Points

Separ: Yes, I think so too, I believe he is a nice milfhunter.


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RE: Benston

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Haha xD Funcat you should search for a nice hideout xD I guess you are living pretty nearby to Benston?

Oh... wait... or should Benston search for a hideout? xD

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RE: Benston

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by Baruch | 647 Posts | 647 Points

Who wants to taste my noodle ?

@Benston :

- what is the thing you are the most proud of ? (except having met us)
- are you proud to be croatian ?
- do you know |HP| ?
- can you translate "I don't give a damn fuck about your sexuality problems, stop sending me your high heels pictures miro !" in croatian please ?
- do you think wrestling can be erotic ?

oh btw I heard cannibalism isn't forbidden in germany oO is that true ? Because I watched a documentary about 2 guys and a cooked penis xD.

Haha I'm so funny.

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RE: Benston

in Accepted Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:22 pm
by HERO!N | 84 Posts | 84 Points

hahahah baruch

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RE: Benston

in Accepted Wed Jan 29, 2014 6:22 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points


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