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Read now: The best App-Interview 45 ever made!

Angry Souls App-Interview with Qriz

45 is happy & proud to announce Qriz a.k.a. Mr. Kandacid xD

.....:::The Very “Awesome” InterClan Interview Team:::

DES|Godsmack.............................................as Evil Godsmack!!!
(BoB)Enam........................................................as Mushroom Island Cowboy!!!
Patate....................................................as Background Singer!!!
.45|Alea................................................................................as Interview Star Alea!!!
.45|Mr.Rabbit......................................................as Serious miro!!!
.45|Chill............................................as Mr. Nice Question!!!
.45|Separ...............................................................................................as Gender Expert!!!
.45|Baruch......................................................as Boobs Or Knees!!!


Mr. Qriz............................................as Eponymus Hero & Wonderful Character!!!


3, 2 Beware: Only guys in da house today, lisi is not here today!

1 Don´t let Kids read this!



*** it´s *** really *** long *** but *** you *** want *** to *** read *** this *** !!! *** have *** fun *** !!! ***

miro: Hi Qriz, welcome to the awesome hyper incredible interview :)

Qriz: haha, Thanks for the welcome.

miro: Let´s start with some usual questions... how old are you, where you from and what else is important?

Qriz: I´m 58, jk, im 18 :)

Alea: O.O nearly as old as godsmack xD

Qriz: I think weed is important xD ... i am from Colombia, Pasto. Near of ecuador.

Alea: Whats the wheater like ? xD

Qriz: ...and the weather is fine i guess, no rain and good sun!

Godsmack: Do you like blonds or brunettes? Small or big breast?

Qriz: Depends how drunken i am. xD I can say i like. Like the avatar of my profile. Those boobs almost made explote my screen. I need a 120' plasma to watch it in fullzise.

miro: So Godsmack, the same question to you: blond, brunette... black? size?

Godsmack: Redheads and small breast more than mouthful is a waste! (Editor: Seem´s to be under his wifes magic)

Baruch: That Avatar of yours ... are they boobs or knees ?

Qriz: Someone thought it is a butt! oO

Godsmack: Do your boobs touch your knees... if so, you are too old!

miro: to app xD

Qriz: It´s actually easy to make them look like boobs...

Enam: Would you rather excrete a bowling ball or urinate a marble?

Qriz: xDD... o.O.... well i dunno..

Godsmack: Would that be out your ass or penis?

Qriz: Ashole hurts... but... penis is holy. xD ...i guess... a marble... not. xD

Godsmack: Does it bleed when coming out???

Qriz: Anyway a bowling ball cant pop out, too big.
Godsmack: If so, see a Doctor! (Editor: Bowling Ball? Np! xD)

Qriz: It seems, like Enam has already passed trough those experiences.

Alea: Yeah that´s possible xD (editor: How do you know? xD)

miro: So if we talk about that all now... what food is most associated with sex for you?

Godsmack: Fish!

miro: How come?

Godsmack: Blind man walks into a fish market and says Good Morning Ladies! (Editor: xDDDDDDDDDDD)


Qriz: Hmmm fish LOL... Nahh i think maybe... a spicy food. :)

Miro: what is the best music to have sex?

Qriz: electronic and rap *-*

Godsmack: Ocean sounds! (Editor: Sometimes no one can hide his age... xD)

miro: Ok... hm... why do you wanna join 45? xD

Godsmack: Well because miro is so sexy! (Editor: geez, i can understand that xD)

Alea: Interesting question, i still dont know why i did that xD (Editor: Muhahahaha xD)

Qriz: Yeah you got it Godsmack. u_u

Godsmack: Silence falls over the room... (Editor: Noooo! Godsmack! You are still young! xD)

miro: lalalalalaa xD

Qriz: I'll join 45 because i like miro´s laugh. :)

Chill: Best answer ever!

Qriz: Where's my award?

Godsmack: You win 3 toilet flushes!

miro: What would you do if you are with a girl in the mountains and you hear my laugh twisting the heavens?

Qriz: OMG, xD, That questions... i just imagined it... 1 Question: weeded or not?

miro: Not.

Qriz: Aaah. Nothing xD

miro: Weeded.

Qriz: Laugh with ya. (Editor: .... ... ... twisted the heavens!!! xD)

miro: And the girl?

Qriz: I duno right..

Alea: Runs away. (Editor: Alea would face the evil, will be on newspaper next day, will be honored by the police president... wait that really happend... still can´t believe it! oO)

Godsmack: Miro is a MAD DOCTOR (Editor: Are you refering to the bowling ball? Omg... Alea, protect me!)

Qriz: I dont know all the answers xD It depends what kind of girl it is. Mami somo amigo pero con derecho ♫

miro: Qriz, who created the world and how?

Chill: The girl would find miro and ask him, if he wants to join.... xD

Godsmack: Well if it was a he that wanted to be a she.. (Editor: Godsmack... wth are you doin with me in your dreams? xD)

Enam: Would you rather see miro or lisi naked (lisi is the wrong answer)? (Editor: For bikini-pic-downloads send pm to Blondchen)

miro: Are you sweating?

Qriz: Haha, god created the world bro.

Godsmack: Do you shower at least once a month?? (Editor: Pls prove with shower pics!)

Qriz: I try to. (Editor: How would a shower-try-pic look like? oO)

Godsmack: Wrong answer cause miro never showers!

miro: miro is auto-washed by itself xD

Godsmack: He licks himself like a cat. (Editor: Just ask Funcat a.k.a. Showercat for private lessons! xD)

Qriz: Para licks miro's body... that's how he showers. (Editor: Actually all 45 is showering this way.)

miro: Don´t tell that the sheep! ...and how god created the world? ... you are aware of the fact that actually Godsmack created the world and is just spying us now?

Godsmack: *--*

Qriz: If he'd had, he shouldnt be here with us. He should be praying and do some miracles.

Godsmack: You are all just PAWNS IN MY GAME OF LIFE!!! (Editor: Ye and we enjoy this easy path xD)

Qriz: I have hack Godsmack. So nvm.

miro: Why dont you do wonders Godsmack?

Godsmack: Because the world would be a better place and i dont want that!

Qriz: You can steal us drugs please!

miro: Oh tell us more Godsmack, why you prefer the world like it is?

Godsmack: Nice question miro... ....steal no need i make them.

Chill: This Interview is for Godsmack now? xD

Enam: miro's laugh is my drug!

Qriz: Ikr. Same. but he gets quiet sometimes.. it's a fappable laugh (Editor: oO)

Chill: Qriz, when you drive to a lonely island, tomorrow, what would you take with you? You´re allowed to carry only one thing xD (reminds me on some interview)! (Editor: me, too...)

Qriz: I'd carry a magic genius. :)

Separ: Where do you look first at the other gender(sex)?

Qriz: Butt. Ah. Sry. I lied. I look in the eyes first, cuz im so romantic.

Godsmack: Qriz do you know the term Pocket Ball ???

Qriz: No Godsmack.

Godsmack: If you put your hands in your pockets of your pants. (Editor: pika, pika... chuuuuu xD)

Qriz: XD

Godsmack: I heard you are better at away games...

Alea: yeah..... xD

Enam: I like playing pocket ball...

Qriz / Godsmack: hahahahaha

Enam: ...but next time, I shouldn´t use someone elses pocket!

Alea: Wtf! xD (Editor: You feel smth Alea? xD)

miro: What is the most favorable feature of a girl?

Godsmack: Enam knows what it is!

Enam: Penis. (Editor: That´s where is BoB-training leading to... xD jk xD)

Qriz: So ur metapod evolves?

Enam: My metapod evolves? I like the sound of that, hehehe.

Qriz: Haha ik..

Enam: Oh I love it when they wear pants with pockets...

Qriz: Her mind. Ofc!

Godsmack: lies!

Separ: don´t lie!

Qriz: I´m not.

miro: Describe a sexy mind, Qriz! Pls! :)

Qriz: miro knows. Crazy, druggable, sexually active, open mind. .... .... ... open p**sy xD jk jk

miro: Sounds like a russian nun.. (Editor: sry, nothing against russian people :) )

Enam: What would you do if one day you woke up and you had boobs? (Editor: What would you do if one day you woke up and you would be (BooB)Enam? xD)


Godsmack: Would open sores bother you on a girl? (Editor: wut? xD)

Alea: Never ever put the hands away from them xD (Editor: wuut? xD)

Qriz: I'd spent all the day playing with my boobs ... xD (Editor: wuuut? xD)

Enam: Depends if the open sore has a hole in the middle! (Editor: wuuuuuuuuuuuuuut? xD)

Godsmack: hahahaha / Enam: lmfao

Godsmack: Do you drive ?? ... a car... and do you reach the pedals?

Enam: only thing i drive is ....pusssssssy (Editor: ...or sores xD)

Qriz: Enam, I've heard ure hermaphrodite , how do u fap? With a stick or with 2 sticks?

Godsmack: Enam that would be Ride Pussy.

Enam: Excuse me whilst I google the term hermaphrodite! (Editor: This is what you learn if you do interviews with 45 xD)

Qriz: Hahahaha

Enam: Well then, thats interesting!

Qriz: Ikr!

Enam: Yes, I like to go skiing often..

Qriz: Ajam... do you like to put cocks inside of ya, or?

Enam: Depends, i like my chickens roasted.. (Editor: Aah... ok. xD)

Qriz: Aah... i tho u liked fish xD

Godsmack: miro what color are your panties??

miro: What color do you want Godsmack?

Godsmack: Mexican RED

miro: Ok i can do that :) ...btw, godsmack, what is the secret behind your love to the unquestionable sheep?

Godsmack: well its the Fur... and the way he walks in an open field... (Editor: I thought RED MEXICAN FUR! xD)

Enam: Vagina too mainstream - Sheep fur more better (Editor: poor DES|Schaf... first they want to shoot you and now they want to SHOOT you xD)

miro: Ok qriz, what do you do in real life?

Qriz: I breath air, ..., nah, im studying and i hope I get a job soon. (Editor: Good Luck!)

miro: Oh what are you studying and why?

Qriz: Im studying Graphic design, because I love design, its my life. You already have seen my sketchs :P (Editor: Ye, especially the one with the sheep xD)

miro: What is your most favorite feeling, Qriz? And why?

Qriz: When I´m on ACID... and when im happy and laughing. (Editor: So you don´t laugh on ACID? xD)

miro: what do you like about ACID?

Qriz: The acid... hmm....

Enam: It burns in all the right places!

Godsmack: Is it seeing the pink Elephants flying around

Qriz: Everything, but more... the chances to change ur mind. it open ur mind to another level. ◘.◘ (Editor: "higher" level? xD)

miro: What was the best acid experience you ever had?

Qriz: I ate 1/1 . We were to a mountain and there were cows..

Enam: OMG!!!

Qriz: Lmao those cows were pink xD

miro: What did they tell you?

Enam: ...and 10 cows were penetrated that night...

Qriz: The grass felt like... sugar cotton.... cows have no penis!

Enam: But they have ass!

Godsmack: But horses do! (Editor: Gulp!)

Qriz: noob xD cow = female.

miro: Would you recommend acid to all people?

Qriz: ...but not if u have problems, or traumas. (Editor, seriously: Acid can be very dangerous! Consider that this interview is for private fun only!)

miro: Why do you think the world would be a better place with acid all around?

Qriz: It's gonna be better, but not everybody should have one, because people are stupid... and will do it only for pleasure.

miro: So when is someone too stupid for acid?

Qriz: When his mind is used to experience things only for the pleasure, and not for discovering new stages of mind.... it´s a short description.

miro: Oh that´s an interesting answer Qriz :)

Qriz: It´s because I´m mad.

miro: What do you think is really important in life?

Godsmack: I am sorry, the Interview Office is closing, you will have to come back tomorrow! (Editor: The Acid shows some Impact now xD)

Qriz: Hahaha, I think the most important its, Family... urself, and urself. that's all.

miro: So that´s why urself is joing 45 family? xD

Godsmack: .45 would have been the correct answer! (Editor: Yep! 1 Minus Point for your App xD)

Qriz: nah xD (Editor: 2nd... xD)

Godsmack: ...then 2nd your family 3rd your money.

Qriz: Haha 45 is, in 'urself' catergory'. (Editor: ok, ok, Minus Points removed xD)

Alea: ...and 4th the almighty sheep (DES|Schaf)!! (Editor: ...with the MEXICAN RED FUR xD)

Qriz: Money is superficial and its included on 'urself. (Editor: Are we superficial, too, then?)

Godsmack: In which case you have to give to .45

Enam: Female cows! (Editor: This night a cow was born in the wide cubic landscapes of AC xD)

miro: Qriz, since you study graphics, show us the best picture you saw in your whole life, pls :)


miro: Oh Kandinsky! What can you tell us about this interesting picture? Why do you like it?

Chill: Qriz, if miro´s laugh would be an object and you would be a girl, would you play with it? (Editor: Nice Question!)

Qriz: XD... let me answer ya miro, Kandinsky its mad, and i like it.

Godsmack: Qriz were you ever on American Idol ???

miro: When is someone mad in your opinion?

Qriz: ...his art, explains a lot of things, and his painting is made to show and teach a new technique of expression... with semiotic.

miro: Oh tell us more :)

Qriz: i think his mind is in another plane. So its hard to explain his art in a good way..

miro: What is your touching point with him? (Editor: Acid? xD)

Qriz: Making this short: I just can say, he's explaining a new world, with new faces of art.

miro: :) ... but... since i am a miro, i wanna know more xD

Qriz: Try to look his art while on acid. (Editor: I knew it! xD)

Alea: Seems like miro is going to have a talk to you ^^

Qriz: Always Alea..

miro": What part of urself can u find in this picture?

Qriz: I can´t find myself there... its too marvelous to be there... and im still too far from that level. but im sure i'll be there soon ;)

Godsmack: In a field of dreams what do you feel like??

Enam: Wet! (Editor: Like a cow ... xD)

Godsmack: In a coca field how would you feel? ...Qriz would you give up your seat on a Bus to Miro? (Editor: ??? xD)

Qriz: ah ? I was on FB, sorry.

Godsmack: Wtf... this is an interview!

Qriz: xD .l.

miro: For the next 8 hours at least xD

Alea: WHAT! (Editor: Has taken his Acid and searches already for a cow with the Letters E-N-A-M on it xD)

Godsmack: All attention should be on Miro NOT FB! (Editor: Finally somebody is noticing me! 1 Plus Point to Godsmack!)

miro: Describe the best moment of your life, pls :)

Qriz: ehmm

Godsmack: Meeting Miro ???? (Editor: ...PlusPoint?)

Qriz: On acid? (Editor: ...Acid Point? Or is his cow called Acid? So confusing...*.*)

miro: Just your best moment.

Qriz: Hmmm... besides when u laugh... (Editor: Wth is with my laugh? xD)

Godsmack: Wait can i answer for him?

Qriz: I think it could be...

Godsmack: MIROOOOOOO (Editor: Out of Points)

Qriz: ...when my little sister was born

miro: aww :) <3 (Editor: All the acid is vaporizing away... :D )

Alea: You have a sister O.O? (Editor: Alea...! That is Separ´s Line!)

Qriz: 3. 3 sisters is hard to take care... (Editor: Alea + Separ would help xD)

miro: What did you feel?

Godsmack: Beautiful answer!

Qriz: 1 brother. It´s also hard.

Alea: OMG already one is hard to handle xD

Qriz: I dont know, maybe excited, sad happy... everything, now she's 4years. i love her so much :))

miro: Hugs Qriz :)))))))) (Editor: no comment!)

Godsmack: So how old are you then???

Qriz: I´m 18, she was born 2 august, i was 5 august. So close.. Her name is mariajose, i call her Majo xD

miro: Nice xD... Qriz, another question... if you had the possibility to turn the world into chaos, how would you do it?

Qriz: I don´t know... Maybe i'd give acid to everybody except kids and i'll show them SAW 7 on 3D

miro: Hahahaha xD

Qriz: It 'd be great. (Editor: Lisi on Acid? Really? xD)

miro: If you could create an own earth, how would it look like?

Qriz: Colombia, 1 sec, what? I was listening music xD

Enam: Lies, see, he can´t hear miro!

Alea: Everybody can hear miro, even the 90 years old godsmack!

Qriz: Hahahaha!

miro: If you could create an own earth, how would it look like? :)

Enam: penis shaped, i´d live at the top, on “mushroom island" (Editor: we all have a lot colorful picture is mind now, ty xD)

Qris: Acidland!

miro: Ok, thank you for this very... very nice interview! :)

Ye I´d like to thank all participants of that awesome and very funny interview & would like to beg all readers: don´t take it too seriously :)

Note: I had to shorten the interview by 50%... it was just too long and some parts were just... too dirty xD So I took only the best parts. :)

The Voting is now opened!

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:14 am
by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

lmao that interview XD so funny

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 5:15 am
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

What could I say? xD

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:16 pm
by Liu Lin | 86 Posts | 86 Points

......... Only For You: Bukkake Udon!



..............................................................................................손바닥으로 하늘을 가리려한다

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:44 pm
by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

LMAO XD that song, thx

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:10 pm
by Gurkentod | 401 Posts | 401 Points

that interview is long...
is one F1 enough??
but here it is, my F1!!!!! :D

Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:45 pm
by Separ | 356 Posts | 356 Points

Ofc my friend F1 like you very much :)

Ps: Im the only one who likes your music :D

SO F111111111111111111111111111

i like beer
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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 6:48 pm
by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

thx bro i like ya more :)

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RE: Qriz

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by HERO!N | 84 Posts | 84 Points

hahahah i hope miro had fun writing all this

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 9:38 pm
by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points



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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:03 pm
by alea | 72 Posts | 73 Points

F1 for Trial !!!! !!!!!

I am looking Forward to the day when you get your mic :)

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Mon Jan 13, 2014 10:26 pm
by Qriz | 105 Posts | 105 Points

HAHA Soon Ale ^^ tx

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Tue Jan 14, 2014 12:22 am
by S0uLk3R | 404 Posts | 404 Points

Godsmack is a fucking LEGEND!!!! Btw F1

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Tue Jan 14, 2014 1:00 pm
by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

I've already said it, But np. I say it once more...
F1 Qriz!!! make us proud.

Basically we haven't met but definitely I'll be online at Friday!!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: Qriz

in Accepted Tue Jan 14, 2014 5:08 pm
by Lisi | 309 Posts | 309 Points

Of course a F1 from me, too!! :DD

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