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There you have your questions :-P

1. What is your favourite colour and why ?
2. Are black and white colours,why or why not ?
3. What's your favorite non-online PC-game ?
4. Why do you force me to ask questions ? -.-‘
5. Do you like vacations more at the mountains or at the sea ? Why ?

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points

Special Round for Alea - Thank you for asking! :D

1. What is your favourite colour and why ?

Actually I don't think I have one, because I like it, when colors meet. :)
But if I had to choose it'd be green probably, because nature has so many different greens and it's a symbol for life to me.

2. Are black and white colours,why or why not ?

Yes and no. They are contrasts on the one hand, but my art teacher taught me they are uncolorful colors. I think it's just a matter of definition.

3. What's your favorite non-online PC-game ?

Max Payne 3 (It's pretty modern, so those modern games usually force you to have an internet connection / gaming accounts etc., but it's single player, so it counts for me as non-online game) - It's like a perfectly staged thriller movie ... I had to stop playing, because I was so baffled by the graphics, gameplay, story, cutscenes... everything.
After a short break I then played through the whole game.

There seems to be no room or area which isn't totally individual and they seem to have put an unlimited amount of love to every detail. Everyone enjoying videogames
should have a look at this beauty!

4. Why do you force me to ask questions ? -.-‘

I didn't. I just wanted you to ask questions really badly.

5. Do you like vacations more at the mountains or at the sea ? Why ?

Can't tell, I like both. As miro pointed out lately I am a gem collector running my own mining corporation. Basically that's a synonym for
me wanting the WHOLE CAKE, not just a piece of it. - So I sometimes prefer the mountains (skiing, nice mountain tops and cozy alpine cabins) and sometimes at the sea
(swimming, beach party yaaay)...cosmopolitan, yeah baby. xD

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

YEY Now I can set a time for alea!!!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Me haz feeling free for discuz!

3)what is or was your dream in life

Was (child): Being a millionaire (they seemed capable of getting all the good stuff they wanted, which is very attractive for a child. lol)
Was (youth): Finding the ultimate answer to everything (or just a way how people could make peace and agree on stuff and get smarter... you might have gotten the
point. Otherwise: Get smarter!)
Is (now): Being super rich and use that money to do something incredible for humanity (after I bought myself a castle with a park and pools and some other stuff...)

(I got pretty disillusioned already and just want to have a good time, until the Grim Reaper comes to get me)

What do you think is the deeper motivation to help people by money?


I think our society is built on a monetary system, which leads to the conclusion, that the highest form of freedom (mentally AS WELL AS physically) can be achieved through a sufficient money supply. This is because money can buy you everything except love. And love is something most people are still trying to find, so I'm not even sure, if it exists, so it's only a belief system, that keeps us from becoming immoral ... or it waits to be found, but can't be found, because we're stuck in this monetary system I was just talking about. Anyways ... money helps. Somehow.

My real motivation behind this is, that everyone accepts money, but almost nobody accepts anything else. So if I don't have money, but everything else, I still feel poor. I got really angry about this, so now I just want to have more money than others. Maybe I was rejected by people too often to care much about them anymore. I only care about people, who have awesome potential. The others are peasants. Simple as that. But I like the souls they carry. They still have some light in them.

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

5) What is the meaning of life for para?

It doesn't mean anything. We do. - I think without meaninglessness on the "outside" we wouldn't be able to find it on the "inside".

Would you explain that?


The more meaning the foundation of our universe has, the more are we reduced to mere gear wheels in a clockwork. There would be no reason for us to be alive.
It is essential, that the base of our very existence has the most little meaning possible, so we have a playground we can fill with our senses. :)

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

2) para related subjects in the world are not the average, why are you not normal and how are these structures are visible in our life? ;)

Actually I am part of a very small group of people in the world, who ARE NORMAL! Sadly the others don't realize that, so these structures don't get visible to the average person. :(

Are you telling that being average keeps you away from being normal? xD


This might be one of the most serious answers I have given throughout my HOT CHAIR... please take this as serious as you can! It is INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT to understand the meaning behind my answer here!

And yes, being average sadly excludes you from being normal. Sorry average guys and girls. :/

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

1.Why do all the superheroes wear underpants on the outside?

Because they are gay. That is why they are on the streets hunting strong men at night, instead of being with their beloved girlfriend.

So what´s with these 2? xD


I don't know these two good enough, but are they wearing underpants on the outside? Maybe they are anti-heroes. oO
They don't even look very human, except their hair. lol
You gotta admit, that the initial question wasn't too serious, so I couldn't give a serious answer.

Read my answer carefully without your own prejudices in mind and you will see, that I just declared gay people superheroes!!!

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

3.Have you ever had trouble unhooking your date's bra?

Sure thing. I'm not training unhooking bra's so much...I'm not a bitch. And those things are varying!!! Sometimes on the back, sometimes on the front...good lord. xD
And some of them have tricky hooks, that always seem to open, but then don't. It's really embarrassing. ;D - But I trained the 2-finger-system with an ex-girlfriend,
with a little practice I might get back on the track...volunteers? :)

Try to use fucking 2-Fingers-System on a corset! xD


My last gf didn't even wear a bra at home. The tendency clearly points away from corsets. Might be a waste of time to learn the high arts of 2-finger-corset-snapping.. lol

I also found out, that many girls nowadays (or is it just when it comes to me?) unhook their bras themselves in grand enthusiasm, because they know there will be a nice treat
following their well-learned unhooking-routine. So it often happens, that I can focus on the things I CAN DO BEST! ;D

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

[one] Which question + answer by all members on the hot chair you liked the most so far? Why? [one]

Why you make me do this, evil little man? :P

What was your guess? xD

Btw... was that a call for a really "evil" question? One that changes your life? xD

...and yes, i love Lisi´s answer, too, it made me smile :)

.... .... ... besides that: F1 for the duel Baruch vs. Robtics xD


My guess was, that you wanted me to go through all the questions and answers prior to my HOT CHAIR again ... while knowing I don't have much time these days. :P


That was not the call. This is the call. Ask me this life changing question and we will see whose life is gonna change! XD

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[three] Please invent & present a new concept & system for karma! [three]

Easy: There is no natural order, which rewards or punishes you for things which are "naturally considered good or evil".
Instead there is no concept of good and evil in nature. Things just move along. So the REAL karma comes from the human
society and the individual thought system. - Most people have a conscience, which somehow surprises me over and over again. xD
And this conscience has an helpful effect to those, who try to help, do good or not harm the others.
Those without conscience might win their fights sometimes without bad consequences for themselves, but for others. The more people
seeing this and keep working against that effects, the less the group has to suffer. It's elemental community skills, that humans have
to learn, if they want to advance in evolution. But it's not obligatory. We can just go out and kill ourselves or others. Somebody
will not like it and take actions. The community works pretty well against exaggerating people. And we all like the possibility to sleep
more or less peacefully. - Namasté...lol.

Did i miss the key points of your new system? xD


Obviously yes. But I have a lot of patience with my patients.

Missing key points are the key points of my system.

For a more convenient answer please ask a more detailed question. You can't demand more information the easy way here. :)
If you don't want to think about what I wrote, then don't try to make ME RETHINK about what I wrote. I thought about it. If you think it wasn't enough,
please point out what exactly you're missing or you think is unfitting.

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

[four] Choose a member of 45 (except me) & imagine what this member thinks about you! Tell! [four]

I pick k333nt. And I think he doesn't really think much about me. :P

k333nt thought more than you might think xD


I'd like to point out the simple past tense you picked, contrary to your initial question which was formulated in a present tense.
So right now I think k333nt might have almost forgotten me, because I never had the chance to gain a bigger influence on him or his life
and he is missing in action for quite some time now. Maybe he is a father by now. oO

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

[five] Tell us the 5 best & the 5 worst reasons for mining. [five]

- You keep getting more and more awesome.
- Gems make your daily life much brighter.
- You collect more general knowledge in a wider variety. Gems can contain much information.
- It's easier to give gems to people in need, when you have a big enough collection.
- Gems keep you alive. Even if you doubt sometimes.

- I deserve better.
- Everyone else has gems, too!
- You know...it's just common sense to have as much of them as possible around.
- If I don't collect them, someone less worthy will do.
- Bling Bling Bitch!!!

Sometimes the little red guy on my shoulder tells me, that the Flop5 would actually be the Top5. But as long as there are people left, who treat me well,
I won't listen much to him. :)

What is a gem and what makes his worth? xD


For the inventor of gems you know pretty little about gems. I just hopped on the train and proceeded using your synonym. xD
It's hard talking about this without synonyms.

Let me say it this way:

I think a gem collector is best defined as a person, who is trying to avoid stereotypes by continuously merging their most positive and precious characteristics
and properties without wanting the negative ones, defining this as a solution to live a better life.

- But this explanation is crap.

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

2. Describe your perfect day. What would you do? What would you eat? And so on :DD

I would get up from my enormous bed, which is right next to a large pool with perfect beachsand all around it, getting served a spectacular breakfast
perfectly synchronized with my taste, so perfectly, that I'm baffled by it, dropping in the pool. After getting that fresh, suddenly, my gorgeous wife comes out as she woke
up, jumping in the pool totally naked and we have the best sex in the universe for about 3 hrs. When we are done, we already made our way to the private jet (oouh yes,
we did it in the pool, on the beach, in the bed, on the couch, in the kitchen, on the roof and upside down on some palms), where we get served champagne and then we
fly to our personal mining corporation operating worldwide, so we got multiple stops. On our way I will surprise her with various specialties, because money means nothing
to me. After our last stop on earth we start with our shuttle to space and meet the company director on the moon to talk about the progress we made on our latest project:
Mars mining.
After that we head back for some nice buffet with various people I would consider awesome enough to stand on my property while some famous bands are playing in my
private park. On the evening we will then go to my personal and unique trance party, where the DJs dance in tesla coils which are doing the bass sounds with lightnighs
shooting out of their hands. Of course they only play the best tunes! And you should see the wonderland forest the designers created like in my dreams.
The next morning I would wake up realizing, that this could never have been the perfect day! So I try to top it. ;D

So I try to top it. ;D

Let´s try xD

I would like to take a look from a thing that feels somehow like a mountain - with you.


I will show you a picture, that will make you jealous.
Hope I didn't already showed you. xD

(It's gem collector style)

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

3. Have you got any talents? :DD

I think I might have a lot of talents, but I'm not good describing them, so this might not be a representative list:
- I can watch 10 movies in a row without getting sick of it sometimes.
- I'm good at spotting spelling mistakes while reading and writing, except when I'm REALLY drunk, like 2,5 promille drunk.
- Fast typer.
- Able to accomplish about anything, as soon as I got rid of these strange invisible powers holding me back and making me depressed.
- I'm seeing and feeling things others seem not to. But I don't know what exactly is the talent behind that. Maybe I'm highly sensitive.
- While being pretty depressed and disappointed in life every now and then, I'm at the same time an optimist who loves the universe.
So one of my talents might be to be totally irrealistic. xD
- I'm good with words.
- I can think in multiple perspectives, seeing things in different angles at the same time. - Maybe that is why I feel like I wouldn't care,
but in fact I just can't differentiate between right and wrong that easily because of that. Sometimes I just see right and wrong in both sides of an argument.
People usually don't accept that, though, those idiots. ;)

Of course I might have forgotten most of my talents... or didn't think of them worth listing.

Let´s work together on a new definition of trust? :)


Thought A: I don't see the connection between trust and my talents list.

Thought B: Wait, the bankers already redefined trust! xD

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RE: para on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

4. What's your best and what's your worst attribute?

I hate this question. (-.-)

My best attribute physically is either eyes or ass. :P

I hate this question. (-.-) LoL+YoLo+LoL = xD

I think I'm LITERALLY a good person.

What is a good person? :)


I am! I'm good. Don't question my authority! Resistance is futile!

A good person is a person, which can sense a lot of things in and around other persons, so it's social skills (either through a personal system, that works as a social device or through the direct confrontation with other's feelings and intentions through the own senses) and AT THE SAME TIME is able to unlink him-/herself from the influence of this sense impressions for logical thinking to empower the "group" (either your friends, your family, your society ... the more advanced a species, the bigger the possible group) to accomplish more.

If he or she also has a nice set of basic morals, I think that's a good person.

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