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1)what is special about our clan?
2)if you have to describe this clan with one word, wich one would it be?

3)what is the most improtant thing in life for you?

4)what makes AC differnet from other games?

5)what was first, the egg or the chicken?

1. That we have 2 talking cucumbers, a living Snowman!, some crazy animals... xD Actually I think it´s the atmosphere. Really family-like and you can talk about everything, its really open minded in 45 and there is a lot of trust between the people (we need no big rules for example). Besides that we combine a fun and a match clan. You can do what you want and be like you wanna be. ...and we have much to laugh here! I am lookin forward to the next family day with 45 & friends :) ...oh! I forgot smth: It´s really cool that all people love each other, nobody has problems with somebody else! I love it, it´s like a second home. Maybe even the first sometimes xD Ahhhh... did i mention our beloved friends? xD Last but not least I have to mention that it is a very cool thing that from time to time a certain sheep steps by to get some fresh green grass and to cast the love-spell of the holy Baaaaaaaah! :)
Ps: Some members are especially lazy xD
2. Souls! No, wait: Family xD
3. The most important thing in human life is: the human... even if some people deny it. I mean... a lot of people get stuck in fullfilling things of which they think they would really need them, instead of just being human. xD
4. The basics are very simple, but it has it´s complexity if you get deeper in it. And i like most parts of this lovely & interesting community very much!
5. Simple: The Egg. Cuz the first chicken has to come from somewhere. Since this chicken is already a (full grown) chicken it has to come out of an egg, by the last member of the pre-chicken species. xD

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5) Whats the differenz between a mir0?

4) Whats your opinion about Racsim ?

3) How would you refute Emanuel Kants "Critique of Pure Reason"?

2) "Miro badhe miwiti hubungan karo para",wenn du wüsstes welche sprache das ist ;) ? =P

1) Desert shine Flying Dutchman green, or you prefer Urban?

5. Actually & happily: less and less. But I can´t tell all about my soul here. A lot of people think its easy: just be like you are. But who isn´t who he is? So it´s merely a difference between who you are and who you want to be. But who stopped changing, stopped life... so... in general: there is a difference in who I am and who I want to be. Nobody can avoid this, but some people found a way to take it easy: ...so actually the difference between a mir0 is, that I become more and more easy. Baaaaaaaaaah! :)
4. It´s like stoneage behavior. But people have their reasons for it. I mean, i don´t like it. But to punish somebody who got stuck in individualisation and has reasons that keep him from progressing, makes only sense if you have no other choice than to protect yourself. It may sound like a stupid old fairy tale: But the real answer is love. ...and btw: it makes sense for the people who got stuck in it. Its something what they need to maintain their psychical balance...
3. Well thought Emanuel! But why you forgot the humans in your equation? xD
2. We are loro ora bisa sesambetan.
1. Both. :)

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1. What do think about Hot Chair? (A professional answer pls :) )

2. What encourage you to continue playing AC? Except us.

3 & 4. What do you think about Persian? Do you like to learn it? 

5. What is the question that you wanted to someone ask you the most? And answer it pls!

1. For me it´s a funny game which opens the mind and gives the possibility to communicate in other ways. You have to think about your questions, yourself and the other people. It breaks routines.. And its a good thing for the family and the community to interact. So for me it increases life quality directly :). But one thing is missing: Alea should be as soon as possible on the chair! xD
2. I play very rarely atm cuz I concentrate in other things atm. I am mostly here to do some leading & organisation stuff and to meet the peope :)
3-+4. I think its an interesting language. If I remember right I watched movies of Abbas Kiarostami with subtitels, but persian language. Very good movies! ...and ye, acutally i would like to learn many languages. So many words, so many different life-attitudes, so many different ways to think! But since I only have 1 Life... so i am not sure if it will happen. But maybe there is time that you teach me the basics??? :)
5. Ye. There is one. Jim Jarmusch or Woodie Allen would ask me: Do you want to make a movie with me? Answer: Yes(ssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), why not? xD

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1. Do you believe in life after death? If no, why not? If yes, how do you imagine it?

2. What’s your favorite quote?

3. Can you imagine a life without .45| ?

4. Rain or sun?

5. Your weirdest dream?

1. I believe in life after death! Because why should the universe die when I die? xD Nah, but honestly: No! I don´t believe in it. I think the probability is on a very low chance that there is way that it would be possible. It is because you have a brain, which is based on chemical reactions. Actually there seems to be no possiblity for me. I mean some people want to tell me that some form of energy will leave you, something like a ghost. But honestly, how can that energy be structured without a brain to save all the informations and to process thinking? And if it would be possible, why does evolution needs bodies before?
It makes completely no sense if u think about our universe and how life is made.
I would like to tell more about this, but I think 20 pages would be definitively too much here. I think this imagination has only so much power to many people, because they can´t live with the randomness of life and want to see a bigger sense in it. The idea of life after death is typical human thinking. Same as the idea of a god or magic or a free will (free from what!?!). Human thinking is completely different to how thinks in the universe work. Thats because it has developed in a environment where we had to survive and to explain things with simple reasons. But it was never built to understand universe. So we have to discover this new way of thinking. Its like the discovery that universe is not made like you would think on the first glance. We humans are naturally very illogical in these things. If you see a tree falling and you see a storm, the first thing what you think is: the storm broke the tree! But maybe there was someone behind the tree who was felling it? And thats the way our thinking is basically built: to have an explanation for an action. But the universe isn´t built that simple (but it has it´s own simplicity and you are somehow a reflection of it which reflects it xD). But it pleases our mind to keep it simple and balanced and fashionable and smart. I mean i would love the idea of life after death, its like an exciting adventure. People will think now i have maybe no imagination or some room for fantasy, but actually I think in comparison that there is muuuuuch room for it in my little brain. xD But why do i speak so critical about that all? I mean, i don´t want to force somebody to believe something else. Well. I think we can only the develop and make the world a better place, if we understand life & universe properly. The social life today is so overfilled with ancient or postmodern fairy tails, which make us judging things in a way that is disrespective against ourselfs. A simple example is that there is actually no free will (even the word is a paradox). But if you believe in it, you believe that punishment will help a criminal. But this criminal has no choice, or at least you could say: he has only the possibilty for the choice that he made. If your brain would be free from it, we would be instable like magic. Magic allows no laws and no laws means randomness and randomness means chaos. Who can really believe that this very stable universe in which the sun is the sun everyday could be built on chaos? Idk xD
I prefer to dream of reachable things. :)

+++ I think i could explain it better with more time +++ I am sorry for this maybe disappointing answer +++ Believe what you want believe +++ Peace & Baaaaaah xD +++

2. An Old Man Awake in His Own Death, by Mark Strand

This is the place that was promised

when I went to sleep,

taken from me when I woke.

This is the place unknown to anyone,

where names of ships and stars

drift out of reach.

The mountains are not mountains any more;

the sun is not the sun.

One tends to forget how it was;

I see myself, I see

the shore of darkness on my brow.

Once I was whole, once I was young ...

As if it mattered now

and you could hear me

and the weather of this place would ever cease

3. I can. But I would miss smth :)
But i want to add smth. I am really thankful for your work with the forum. So i have not that much duties anymore. You make 45 a more comfortable place for me :)
A real family should share all work, you set a good example!

4. Sun & Rain.

5. That mankind becomes wise & happy. xD

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Liu Lin

q1. How would you describe yourself?
q2. Tell me about the 3 most interesting & the 3 most exciting things in life!
q3. The viewpoint on life: What is changing over the years?
q4. The viewpoint on Angry Souls: What changed since you joined .45 in comparison to today?
q5. If you had the possibility to change something instantly... what would that be?

1. I am like a Rabbit who can´t jump sometimes anymore, cuz his brain became too fat xD
I am a person who is interested in many things. I can hide behind books or have a wild party. I definitively think too much sometimes, but i love to laugh. I can be very shy but i can be the opposite, too. I love arts & western movies xD But all other kinds of movies, too xD I love all types of weather, but i am no monk! xD
So what really makes me is: that i am very interested in humans and in a lot of things that humans do. I like to get deep into things which I do. I hate senseless rules. I love to discover & to develop. I love love & life... and all things which bring joy: from food, to dancin... to arts. Being creative is a good thing. I have a strong will to live & to survive, even if i am really fucked xD Sometimes i expect too much from myself & others. I would say I am a kind person, overall at least xD But you have to judge that. People tell me always i should be more selfish, but i guess sometimes I am. How can you be not selfish, I mean everything you do is your own will!? xD I am cheeky :)

- humans! (...and for a certain Baaaaah-ing Ent: sheeps aswell xD)
- everything about life... so basically: everything :)
- to feel how big changes are and to recognize that nothing has changed actually xD
- love
- when a new world opens up before your eyes
- the little things... which make life :)

3. Hm let´s see. It´s like with AC... you startin as noob never knowing where you end up xD
Actually when you are young everything is exciting and you think you could do everything and you are convinced of yourself... and the world is a holy place, full of wonders & wishes... but then you recognize, that neither you or the world are that easy. You try to fix that. Making it holy again and try to do what you really wish. The circle is completing itself xD
... but i have to add smth very important: i would never discuss with my young me xD
(But with becoming older smth really changes: i start to realize how often i could say Baaaaaaaaaah actually! Nevermind, i guess i am influenced by a certain sheep xD)

4. Its a basic model: We started as little group of people... It was like a little family. I loved it very much to that time. Being together with Alea, Hati, Schaf and Mayhem was the highlight of the day. But then a long period of problems started. Some beloved people left the clan. I became Leader to get the people and the idea with which it started over the dry and stormy mountains xD And when the „new“ 45 was ready I gave away the leader position to make it more family like again and that the younger ones can run a council and decide more on their own. But they still have to face MIRO xDDD We ever wanted to be a fun & competitive clan. Everybody told us that this isn´t possible. But well.. we made it. We have both and everybody likes it. And we try to grow in both! I would say its like life. The beginning was pure & naive and now we try to really live for our wishes. We reached a lot of trust between the people in the clan. So almost everybody could be in council for example :) We love each other and we know us. Love needs time. xD

5. Everything & on the other hand: nothing :) ... you can only stay you if you do little changes... so I would cure my allergy to cats. I really love them and i would like to have one. Some of them have really interesting personalities :)

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1. What is the wildest thing you have ever done?(and i mean in sex :P ) 

2. Describe your first date? What did you do, where did you go? Did you love her?

3. What are your fetishes?

4. Have you ever kissed a guy?

5. Have you ever been arrested? and if yes what was the reason ? :D

1. Well since young people will read this, too, i choose smth i can tell:
I was on a campfire with friends. And there was this girl. We did it right there on the fire with all friends sitting around... I was young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD
2. New Year´s Eve. We were 12. And we were cuddling... in front of thers... (xD) But it was very romantic & exciting for both of us. I really loved her, we had a relationship for some months. But as it got deeper, her mother stopped it... i didnt get over it for years...
3. Not in general. But I tried a lot. But nothing with pain :) I don´t like to write more about this, cuz its public and Kids could read it.
4. I have friend who gets a kiss on the mouth when we meet :) But not in a sexual way xD I am the only man in my sexual horizon xD
5. I was lucky & smart. :) But I never did something what would deserve to be arrested in my opinion (...like having some experiences with certain herbs or other stuff in my earlier life xD)

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3. When u listen to songs, do you listen to the lyrics or to the beat?

2. Which is the most interesting feeling besides love?

5. Can you describe yourself by only using 3 words?

1. When did the interest for philosophy grow and why?

4. What comes to your mind by these three words: democrazy, freedom and Assault cube.

3. Actually i listened more to the „music“ than to the words xD But since a few years that is changing. So I listen to both now. :) I wanna feel somethin when i listen to music. I mean, i feel smth too when somebody tells me a story, but sometimes a more direct conversation is preferable :) When i want words I go for poems. But... how can´t you listen to the "words" of Mr. Tom Waits? xD

2. I think for me that´s fear. Cuz love can get you connected to everything and fear really can keep you from everything. It blocks, closes doors... and sometimes it saves you.... but rarely. Fear is a very destructive force. But... its not the opposite to love... the opposite to love for me is meaninglessness.

1. Well... i thought about a lot of things before school already. But i think there is not only one reason. My family was like crazy, it wasn´t a good place for a young miro. So sometimes I left home at night and was knocking on doors of other peoples houses to sleep there. So i had to think about life very early... and the other reason is: i could! :)

4. democrazy:
Ye, its crazy. xD Democrazy... its smth like an illusion, like a beautiful girl/woman can be. You can reflect all your wishes in her, but will they come true? xD But honestly... its an abstract thing... it´s not easy to live abstract things... And for me its more to accept differences than like being the same... And its a set of rules to keep a society running. Never try to live democrazy in a family, cuz ridgid rules are partening people. :) ... And i think we have much to learn about how living together in a society where people are treated as abstractions.

Is smth what can´t exist in a pure form. You can only be free from something. So I don´t use that word much. It´s like an Illusion, too. I mean you are always dependent from smth. So its more as if dependencies are changing and not that you have reached freedom.

Assault Cube:
45, Clans, People, Fun, Community, Strategies, FPS, New Version?, Friendships, Maps and Weapons, Feelings , Conversations and Impressions, 45
... and a big Baaaaaaaaaah xDDDDD
AC is a melting pot for special people and a nice game worth to play.

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1) How are you ?

2) Can you tell me what you studied ? Like how old you stopped school, what you liked to study, stuff like that.

3) Learn to love. What do you think about this sentence ? (love people, love art, ...)

4) Could you give a definition of the word family ?

5) I know we already talked a bit about randomness in nature. Could you explain more what is your point of view about it : is there randomness in nature ? Does the question has an answer ? Is the answer relevant ? Do you think human kind could solve the question in a finite amount of time ?

1. Fine xD In a little hurry to answer all these interesting questions ...and i do some changes in my life atm... so maybe a little distracted.
2. Actually if i had time i would like to study languages, film, arts, game design, theater, literature, philosophy & psychology. ... but since life is too short...
In my life was no place to study early, so i did my school with 27 and after it I started with psychology, cuz in all these things what I would want to study is psychology the base. But I got disappointed so i didnt want to waste my life with it and changed to philosophy. I always had the feelin that they ask the wrong questions in psychology and that I know sometimes more about it than they can teach me... and i didnt want to use all my life to prove it to a system what is not worth for me to prove things. So I changed to philosophy, maybe they lack in basic research, but at least they are really thinking :)
3. It´s really important. Many people today only know how to want smth. But to want smth is not necessarily motivated by „love“. But humans need love to develop and to share and for living as well xD Love opens your heart and mind. Some people say that love is blindness... but I don´t really think so. Its only blindness if you love the love more than the person you love :)
But... you said it in general... So like loving everything. I think it´s only important to know how to love and to have some things in your life which are important for you in a way that they bring you not one sided satisfaction... then its enough. Cuz you can´t love everything what you do. That would be very odd :)
So I agree that some people should learn how to love, because it brings really human connections to yourself, things and people. But i think you don´t have to learn howto love art. Its enough when you can feel love, cuz if you have love in your life you will love the things that you do.
But that brings me to another question: ...HAVE TO LEARN TO LOVE...? Nope! Give them the possibility to discover love xD You can´t learn it by aim, you can only be open for it. So at the end... the most important thing is that we have a world where love is possible. :)
4. Family. Hmm... Actually family is a word with a very long history. I am not sure if there were something like family when humans used to live in little tribes. Maybe it was smth like a subgroup of related people there. In Society it became more importance, cuz rights were bound to families and a family shared guts and a place to live... and not to forget educational & social things. Family was really imortant. But in postmodern times and by the development of the society the word family became more colorful. The first thing that changed is that people of a family don´t live together necessarily & that you can survive without a family. I mean... its better to have one, but... you can survive. One „development“ of society is that it a lot of social & psychological problems came with the grow of society ...and intelligence for sure. That leads us to the point that multiple forms of society exist today. It would be too much, if i explain everything here, so i try to keep it short. But what i want to say is that family became partly like selectable. And in these sense of chosen families I want to give an answer related to 45.
Like a real family is based on relatives, we are only based on AC. Well it isnt the same. But what makes me feel like in a family? I want to answer this in a few words: trust, friendship, love, home, sharing, openess... I mean, we all like each other very much and we all can be like we want in 45. There is no trouble between the people (and should there be trouble, we would solve it together) and i feel related to you all. Especially to the members who I know a little longer... its like a deep bond. ... ye, we have roles like in a family, too; we have old and young people... Age is no problem. And we have female and male members... Para has never seen me in real life, but he moves in my apartment in 1 week xD I think that´s a good example. We even want to have a real life clan meeting... But honestly Baruch, i won´t define it now scientificly, cuz this would be way too much here. If you want, our next big conversation will be about families xD
5. There is no randomness. You just have to imagine what real randomness is. But if you want to build a stable universe, you can´t build it on randmoness. All is like a big chain, from small to big. Each Level is built on the previous one... Now take a look on this „peaceful“ universe... full of harmony. Everything is changing... but its relatively stable over time...
But you can imagine another thing. First... where do you search for randomness? In the moon? Nooo! The moon is not mystic enough anymore xD You search in the paricles right? Well its half logical, cuz if... then in the basic parts. But is still based on mysticism... thats what i think, but listen: if particles would choose randomly forms for example... How could the rest of the universe are that constant? And you say... its random... so no Laws behind it. There is only complete randomness, half random can´t exist. So... that means that particle wouldnt just switch between 2 predefined forms. But you could say it switches randomly between these two forms. Ye but everything what is predefined has predefined laws in the his own invironment. You feel that it makes no sense? And about (complete) randomness: If something is completely random it couldnt build stable relations to the things in our universe. Everything what is there has an influence... if it has an influence... and different ones, cuz its changing all the time (i guess you associate randomness with changing)... how could we have so many constants in the universe? How would things work? Random? And if it has no influence... then its VERY easy: then it doesnt belong to our universe. So you can say: there is no randomness in our universe. Acutally simple. We call only random what we don´t understand. People in ancient times called it ghosts or gods... If you think the same way and you should believe my shit here... you can find based on this why a god can´t exist. Have fun! :)

And the prize for .45|Q goes to .45|Questionbeard a.k.a. The Luckbeard Of Hearts xD

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And btw...

...no! I am not Klaus Kinski (picture)!!! xD



...and ye... feel free to discuss :)


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Thanks so much man for your great answers.

But about what you said at the first. I don't agree with you. As you can see there's 4 days to ask questions and 4 days to answer them all!

When I made the volunteer thread I asked if you want to sit on my chair you should accept my rules. The least thing I asked is to finish your hot chair before the next one begins. Because it's impossible for two persons to sit together on one tiny red chair. There are 4 days and you say that you're under pressure?! Come on!

About Persian: Sure. Why not? I'll teach you when i come back!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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...on the fire...

what the fuck?! ... :D

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Heyho :DD

Thank you very much for your great and long answers :DD

But why should I be disappointed about your answer? I asked you for your opinion, and that is your opinion. You don't have to apologize :DD

And my work with the forum isn't that much, but I take what I do for granted and it makes fun until now :DD

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Ye.. i mean my answer was like i really think, but it sounds so harsh xD

I am really, really happy & gratefull for your forum work and it´s good to hear that you really like it!! :)

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@Alireza: I have to apologize! Sry Alireza, i understand your reasons now for this short answering time!

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Haha! I was that much in a hurry that I forgot one of Todesgurkes questions:

5. Can you describe yourself by only using 3 words?

5. multilayered, thoughtful, emotional xD

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