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Hey Folks

I just woke up and thought: OMG! ...really? Ah, ok, yes, yes, ok, yes... yes... OMG! We never had a thread about Gaming itself!

So i just wanted to ask some of these boring questions...

What is the best game ever for you? How does gaming affect our lifes? How does it change humankind? What new concepts does it bring? How will the future of gaming look like? Will it replace movies & books to a certain amount? Is it a blessing or a curse as a replacement of certain things missing in our lifes? Or does it rather enrich us? Is it a vessel of spirituality and culture to connect the world? What do you think about Games at all? What are your wishes and expectations? What for are you using games?

But for now i will use it to let a certain dragon talk me into dreams again

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by Marti • 37 Posts | 37 Points

Fifa best game ever

Just started skyrim recently (Lol ikr) and thats pretty sexy aswell

AC will be in top 3 too

Oculus Rift is the future!

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by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

Stronghold 2001, Wolfenstein ET, Minecraft, Guild Wars 1, Golden Sun 1&2 (GBA), Ratchet & Clank Gladiator (PS2) are high op on my list of favorite games ... AC is great but more due to community reasons and because I played it so long :x cant stop anymore :D

Lately I enjoy games like UNO or Ludo a lot more than any computer game, they are awesome

I prefer simple games with not too much fancy stuff and no in-game purchases that make you insta 1337, I hate that

miro I tried replying as good as possible to maybe start a nice discussion but fuck, you asked way to many questions .. I dont want to write a book in the morning :D

Overall I think games are a good way to release stress & anger due to a "faked rivalry". As long as no one gets paid for their gaming things are only for fun although that is sadly often forgotten as people of are able to get ratios above 2 usually think they are "da bes"
Games are also art e.g. creating a story (like a novel) but you can interact etc

@Marti your picture is distracting me so much atm ... who is that? :D

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

@Marti 1. Yeah who is that? xD 2. Necromage Perk + Vampire = a lot of skills get boosted by 25% 3. Occulus Rift is definitively interesting, the only Problem is that a lot of ppl want to sit while watching movies or playing games. I own a Ps Vita and some games give you similar options, but after walking around for some Minutes i want to sit again xD So the problem will be how much ppl buy this stuff, so that it makes rly sense to produce smth for it. If i were a Software or Movie Company, I wouldnt invest for AAA-Titles. For my part i would use it maybe once in a month. After testing and knowing how it feels, it can give you nothing new anymore and then the laziness factor comes into play. Its not possbile yet, but i think holograms will have a better future. And for usage as learning or therapy programs we are not developed enough as world community atm. To bring a last point into play: humans will always use media which brings the most information per time. But moving your head around the whole time distracts you very much ;)

@Robtics 1. Ye, all these questions are optional. I thought everybody could answer what he likes to answer ;) But you are a right. It´s a spam xD 2. I always wanted to play Golden Sun!!! But never had it. -.- 3. I FUCKIN HATE INGAME PURCHASE!!! But i think that will go away with time, cuz rly good games cant rely on it. 3. I agree on the art thingy. Some Games have better stories than a lot of movies or literature. And you are way more into it, while playing a game, especially nowadays in this world full of stress, cuz doing smth makes you calm. But do you play games only to release anger? I realised that i always play very different games to stimulate me in various ways.

A little list of my fav games:

RPGs: Elder Scrolls Series (3*,4,5) , Final Fantasy Series (6*,7*,9,10 and hopefully some day 15, i hope it becomes good after 7 years in production!), Fallout 3
Racing: Wipeout Series, Mario Kart Series
Jump n Run: Mario Series
Beat em Ups: I am a little bit out atm but i preferred SNK Games on my Neo Geo. But since they produce no own console anymore i would play Street Fighter again xD But the perfect Beat Em Up has not been made so far in my opinion. And i rly hate that unbalanced Tekken Shit xD
Thinking: I liked Splice very much, but it was far too easy.
Somewhat Strategy: Civilization Series and Tactic Rpgs like Tactics Ogre, Let us cling together
Sports: Golf & Rallye Games, Get Bass (but only with the special controller xD)
Adventures: Metroid Series
Shooter: none specific, i just never played a shooter where i could say: really great game
Point n Click: Still Monkey Island and that stuff xD
Online Stuff: I am not much into it, since it didnt start in my teen-years and i play games to relax meanwhile. Online gaming is relatively young and so a lot of ppl are selfish idiots and would ruin my time for relaxing... but the first thingy i really want to play is !!!Division!!! AC was only an accident. I never wanted to have a clan. xD

I am sure i forgot a lot of stuff but to end this i want to post a clip of the first fav game of my life back in a time where you couldnt tell girls that you play games or you were OUT xD

Greatest Sin of my Gaming Life: I never played Shadow of the Colossus -.-

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in Gossip Fri Nov 07, 2014 4:44 pm
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points
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in Gossip Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:21 pm
by Marti • 37 Posts | 37 Points

Shailene Woodley :D

She plays in Divergent, pls watch, she looks hottttttt there

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in Gossip Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:36 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Thx Rob ;)

Ah ye, i remember that movie. For this type of movie it was rly ok ;)

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:52 am
by Vanquish • 14 Posts | 14 Points

another TES fan \o/

I have played every single game in the series (from Arena to Online) and they are all great, especially 3/4/5. Despite the fact that the graphics aren't the best, I still believe that Oblivion is the best game I've ever played in my entire life in terms of complexity, storyline, depth and how ahead of other games it was for its own time. I have 3221 hours clocked in on Skyrim on steam, although it was actually Oblivion that turned me into a complete gaming nerd. I remember being ill as a kid and just lying in bed doing nothing but playing it on PS3 for three days in a row. Then I saved up the money to build a gaming PC, with my sole motivation for doing so being that I wanted to play Skyrim on ultra settings.

Other than TES games, I like a lot of fast fps games such as AC/sauer/quake, there's also a new game that's just come out into its alpha stage called "reflex" which is basically a more graphically modern version of quake live with q3 cpma movement and an ingame map editor so I'm incredibly eager to try that out. I also play Minecraft with yopa on his server and that can be pretty fun if you just wanna dick around and build a solid gold phallic-shaped skyscraper or set fire to a cow or something, but it also has a lot of strategical depth as well if you want to play it "properly".

tl;dr I play too many games and elder scrolls ftw

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by Marti • 37 Posts | 37 Points

3221 hours???

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 11:50 am
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

I'm not sure how many I got on AC but my most was GuildWars with ãbout 1000 D:

does any1 know Buzz Junior Jungle Party? That game is great too x) :D so much fun

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:25 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

3321 hours is a good time for enjoying skyrim ;) I dont want to know how many hours i spent in Morrowind... But i remember that i sometimes played for some days without sleeping xD And levitation was so nice! As Mage you were a god in Morrowind ;)

Oblivion was cool. I loved that you could create a spell that gives you more magic so you could create another spell that gave you even more and so on... I was charging sometimes 3 - 5 times and then: booooom xD And i loved Shivering Isles!!! Sheogorath ftw! ;)

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:50 pm
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

I liked the sumpfkraut in gothic :D

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 2:13 pm
by Vanquish • 14 Posts | 14 Points

haha yeah, Morrowind was a pretty great game too. After I got a decent computer and began to enjoy Skyrim on ultra with some graphical ENB overhauls, Morrowind became somewhat unenjoyable for me simply because the graphics were pretty bad and I began to dislike the randomness of the attack system (e.g whether or not a well-aimed melee attack would actually register as a hit). It was certainly an awesome game when I was playing it for the first few times. Levitate was awesome yeah, didn't even know what it was until I got the House Telvanni tower to myself and realised it was the only way to get to the upper bedroom area :D
Mark and Recall were also pretty nice spells. I get that fast travelling was meant to replace them in later elder scrolls games, but i feel like fast travelling is cheating and doesn't allow you to enjoy the beautiful landscapes on the way as you travel and I much preferred actually having to travel yourself, with taking the silt strider being the lazy option.

Anyway I tried to get back into it when they released "Morroblivion" (graphical overhaul mod for Morrowind that basically uses Oblivion's graphics), but I couldn't get it to install properly. x)

I guess I'll always have some kind of special attachment to Oblivion since it was the first game I played that actually made me really enjoy what I was playing (beforehand it was the usual assassin's creed, cod + fifa on ps3, none of which I really ever cared for). I remember I had the Game of the Year edition and the first time I played it through I just followed the quest marker, which led me to the prophet in Anvil. No game I'd ever played before had multiple quest lines (I played Oblivion before Morrowind) or a world even a quarter of the size. It srsly blew my mind.
And yeah Shivering Isles was an absolutely brilliant DLC. Would be pretty cool to live in New Sheoth for a week or something (Bliss tho, not Crucible) :D

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:20 pm
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

What do you guys think abour arcania?

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in Gossip Sat Nov 08, 2014 3:50 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

I have to confess:

I never played Gothic

I only heard that it has a lot of fans and stuff. But now i am thinking about making a list of all games that i played in my life. OMG. Could become a really long one xD

@Vanquish If they can create artificial Islands in Dubai, we can create the Shivering Isles in England! Lets do it! We can Cosplay Sheogorath and earn more money than Disney World xD

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