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Heyho guys :DD

Miro and I interviewed Eliza yesterday :D It was really fun and even if it's a bit long, it's worth reading it :D (I know, the most of you are a bit lazy :P)

Lisi: Heyho Eliza :DD Welcome to the next weird and crazy interview :D I hope, you're ready? :D

Eliza: Definitely :)

Lisi: Perfect :D So at the beginning tell me something about yourself, please. How old are you? What's your real name? What hobbies do you have? :D

Eliza: Ah, as for my age I'm in my 20's (I like a bit of vagueness). My real name is Elizabeth, and I like things such as chess and cats. Oh, I like different board games, such as chess and Monopoly. I'm also a bit of a book nerd, reading 2 or 3 a week.

Miro: How did you come to AC?

Eliza: Well, I originally was recommended AC on another small game called Star Sonata, a sort of space MMO.

Miro: That’s crazy. What has it in common with AC?

Eliza: It's a really small game, but has nothing in common with AC.

Miro: How got u recommended then? oO

Eliza: On their official forums :P There was a thread about free FPS's and someone posted a link.

Miro: Are you still playing it?

Eliza: Hm, I haven't in about half a year or so.

Miro: Oh, so you’re really long in AC, now?

Eliza: Only about a year or so. So I haven't been around for all the drama and stuff :P

Lisi: Were you in other clans before? :D

Miro: Do you mean the version change?

Eliza: I can imagine version change=drama. So probably, yeah. And nah, never been in any other clans.

Lisi: And why do you want to join .45 now? :D

Eliza: I've been playing on .45's servers for a while, noticed that there were some nice people. In particular on the gema server there were some nice people.

Miro: Nice to hear xD

Lisi: So, we come to my next question: what's so nice about gema? I really suck at it.. :D

Eliza: So do I, more often than not :P But I like the challenge of it, it's something refreshing when compared to normal modes.

Miro: Atm our gema pro Baruch is missing for 1 or 2 weeks, he does a lot for gema.

Eliza: Oh nice, I don't know how to do any of that kinda thing, but it’s impressive :P

Miro: He is doing the greatest jumps even with pistol xD

Eliza: Dang, I have trouble sometimes even with the assault rifle.

Miro: What’s your favorite book?

Eliza: Hm, that’s a tough one. I would have to say, Tolkins The Lord of The Rings series.

Lisi: Did you read Harry Potter, too?

Eliza: Yup, when I was younger.

Miro: So what’s about other stuff? What’s your favorite food and what’s about music? ;)

Eliza: My favorite food is easily pizza. Yeah, it's unhealthy and I don't eat it often, but I have an undying love affair with it. As for music, I don't have any real favorites, but I do like Jazz.

Miro: Me, tooo – win for the pizza. Oh I like Jazz, too. You get more and more sympathetic to me xD

Lisi: So, something about your age.. Someone (I won’t say a name, but he's here in the channel) told me that you're 14 :D

Eliza: Oh god, I saw that a few days ago, I think. Or someone asked me in the AC servers. No idea where that started, but trust me, I'm in my 20's :P

Miro: If you had to write a novel about sloths, what would you write?

Eliza: I would write a book that is sorta a pseudo diary thing, sorta about an intelligent sloth. Most of the book would be filled with boring stuff like "Today I slept for 18 hours on a comfy as all hell branch"

Miro: Sounds good to me ;)

Lisi: That could be Alea, too :D

Miro: Especially if I imagine it with your style... xD I like the CTF thing: to add a little spice and variety xD

Eliza: Well, it does. I mean shooting all the time can get a wee bit repetitive. Gema modes change things up :)

Miro: Yep, do you like LSS, too?

Eliza: Kinda, even though I'm terrible at it. What I really wish is that the devs would put in a pure knife only mode, cause I would be good at that.

Miro: Oh, when Baruch is back we can code that for you xD

Eliza: Awesome

Lisi: So Eliza, is your lamp dirty? :D

Eliza: Is that some sort of accidental innuendo or pervy joke :P

Miro: Eliza, if you had a device to stop the flow of time, what would you do with it?

Eliza: If I had a device like that, I would become some sort of superhero and go about stopping crimes with it.

Miro: Oh, cool ;D What’s important for you in life and what’s the sense of life?

Eliza: For me, what's important in life is what is achieved in it. I suppose you could say, what we accomplish and so on, what we do for humanity in general.

Miro: So you think humanity will live forever?

Eliza: Not exactly, barring some sort of technological breakthrough or something.

Miro: But, I mean if you want to do something for the future... it means do you believe in a greater aim/goal?

Eliza: I suppose a greater goal would be the success of the species on earth and off of it. This is all getting into the theoretical and philosophical :P

Lisi: Do you believe in god?

Eliza: Hm, I have a vague belief that something created the universe (through the big bang), but I believe it left the universe alone following that. So, no miracles or divine interventions or stuff like that.

Lisi: When you would have to go to a lonely island tomorrow and you're allowed to carry only one thing with you, what would it be?

Eliza: It would be a signaling mirror. I could use it to signal to any passing ships for help or use it to start fires.

Miro: What feeling describes you the best?

Eliza: I'm not sure there's a word for it. I suppose you could call it cheerful pragmatism. In that I'm a realist, but I don't let it get me down.

Miro: Eliza, if you could create a new animal species, how would it look like?

Eliza: Oh gosh, that's a tough question.I would make something that looks like an intelligent, feathery dinosaur. Don't ask why, it just sounds cool.

Miro: Haha, like a chicken?

Eliza: Brilliant :)

Miro: What kind of personality would it have?

Eliza: It would be a sort of brash, explosive personality. Very excitable and such. I imagine this personality would make our chicken-dinosaur perfect for riding into a battle.

Miro: Imagine someone would knock on your door and you open it and it would be a wookie just making wookie sounds, what would you do?

Eliza: I would politely ask it in, offer it coffee, then ask what it was doing so far from Kaysheak (or whatever the name of its homeplant was)

Miro: What do you think about tea?

Eliza: Oh boy. Here we go. I like Iced Tea (not sure if you guys know of it) because of Florida weather, but don't really like it otherwise.

Lisi: Do you like sushi? :D

Eliza: Hrm. I tried it only twice before, but I found it to be sorta lackluster. I mean, I didn't mind the taste, but I didn't really find anything special with it either. Then again, I've never tried sushi from a fancy Japanese place, so I might be missing out.

Miro: oO (climbs up a tree, cries xD)

Lisi: He cries because he really loves sushi like most of the people in this clan :D

Miro: Sex, drugs and rock n roll? ;)

Eliza: Is that a question, or a pop culture reference :P

Miro: Let’s say a question xD

Eliza: I don't mind the first, depends on what you define as a drug for the second, and like the third.

Miro: What would you define as the 2nd?

Eliza: That's a difficult question. I would call a hard drug things such a cocaine or opium, things that should be banned. A soft drug would be things like tobacco, alcohol, or cannabis.

Miro: But wait... what does it mean: you don’t mind the first? xDDD (you don’t have to answer, I think it’s a private question)

Eliza: It means what it mean :P no more shall be said on the subject.

Miro: Ahhh cannabis. So do you smoke? xD

Eliza: I've tried it before, only made me feel sleepy. So nah, I don't smoke.

Miro: Okay, yeah, a lot people here like it, I guess xD

Eliza: No problems if they do :P

Miro: If you could change one thing about you, what would that be?

Eliza: I would change some dumb things I did as a teenager. Secret things, so you will be forever curious :P

Miro: Imagine we would be on air for 1 minute now in a very famous radio station and you could scream 1 sentence to the people out there: what sentence would that be?

Eliza: "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" chances are you guys won't get that, but if you do, kudos :P
It's a reference to a popular tabletop game, nothing major :P

Miro: What do you think about the present state of the world and about capitalism?

Eliza: Currently, I think the world is in the middle of a major political shift. As for capitalism, I think it, along with democracy is the best option out of all the ones currently available.

Lisi: What do you think of Obama care?

Eliza: I'm not impressed. State health care could have been implemented in a far better fashion.

Lisi: How would you do it?

Eliza: In general, I wouldn't try to do so. I would have kept the basic medicade in place or expanded them and let private companies compete in providing health insurance.

Miro: So you think there will be a way of melting politics and companies?

Eliza: No, not exactly. I think there should be a basic safety net of government coverage, but superior options offered by private health insurance companies.

Miro: What makes us human? Do you think humans are equal?

Eliza: That's simple, I think a mixture of self awareness, advanced speech, and toolmaking make us human. I believe all humans should have some basic, inviolable rights and such.

Miro: Do you think that there ever could be a world where all humans can be happy?

Eliza: Probably not.

Miro: Why not? xD

Eliza: Well, personal standard of happiness and such vary. One person will like a current government, another won't. Someone will like what is happening in their country, someone won't.

Miro: Now something very easy, I don’t know much about Florida!!! I mean the name is very popular but... ye... what would you tell about it and your connection to Florida? ;)

Lisi: Do you have snow? :D

Eliza: Very rarely. Like once in 50 years. Well, I was born in New York, but my mom moved down here when I was a teenager and took me with her.

Miro: Do you like it?

Eliza: I hate the heat, but other than that it’s a nice place to live :) Aside from the giant freaking spiders D:

Miro: Ye, that pic u showed us!!!!

Lisi: Omg, spiders o.O

Miro: Can you give us a link again please, for our readers? xD

Eliza: It's harmless though.

Miro: Would you let it on your hand? How did your relation to spiders change by that situation?

Eliza: Well, I wouldn't hold one if I could help it :P But I became less scared of them.

Miro: Did you ever think about one of them: aww, how cute?

Eliza: also, here, have a picture of a nicer, cuter Florida animal we have

Eliza: Well, jumping spiders can be pretty cute. Yeah, they are tiny fuzzy little things that hop everywhere.


Lisi: What was the best moment in your life so far? :D

Eliza: Getting accepted to university.

Lisi: What do you study?

Eliza: I will study microbiology.

Lisi: Are you the romantic type? :D

Eliza: Hm, not very o.0

Miro: What does that mean? xD Actually, I think everyone has its own sense of romantic.

Eliza: Well, I like nice dates and roses and such, but too much just becomes a bit overblown and silly.

Miro: That sounds like you have a lot of dates xD

Eliza: To be honest, not too many. I'm pretty introverted and nerdy, plus studies and such take up a ton of time.

Miro: Ok, I would say... the last question (before we close this really interesting interview) goes to Eliza... ask us something ;)
And you don’t seem to be so introverted - actually it’s really nice to meet you xD)

Eliza: Okay, have you ever been so far much that you did that this? (don't ask the meaning, just answer with whatever you think would be the answer :P)

Miro: This is unique <3

Eliza: Actually, it’s based on a forum post I saw years ago and everyone went nuts trying to understand what it meant :P
Okay, for Lisi, what's your favorite animal?

Lisi: I think my favorite animal is the cat.. I don’t know why. They look cute outside, but they can be really mean, too :D So they are a bit like me :P

Eliza: Awesome, I like you so much for liking cats.

Miro: Same here ;)

Lisi: I think, we came to an end, now. Thank you for the really nice and funny interview.

Eliza: Thank you, too. It made a lot of fun.

Since Eliza made it already into trial without a interview (due to different reasons :P), you have to vote for her full membership, now :DD

So, Eliza, of course you get my F1 for Full !! :DD

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Cool, jajajjaj good interview :D

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Nice Interview

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Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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Awesome Interview :)

So ofc F1

i like beer
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looking forward to see you on TS :)

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Interesting interview... I read all of it... If I see that spider... let's just forget about it!

I'm looking forward to see you when I come back.

F1 For Full Eliza!!

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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I like Separ's beer too
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y u do this todes?!

just dont ask ...

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Now you can play knife only on the lss server, just take admin and type !knifeonly


Haha I'm so funny.

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Oh that´s so cool Baruch!

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Hello and welcome :) im looking forward to talk to you and play with you, cyu on ts and in game :))

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F1 from your fellow american :)

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Congrats Eliza! You are now a full member of .45|. I hope you will have a lot of fun with us in game and on teamspeak. And thank god there is one more american for me to talk to :D.

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