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and I thought you wanted to test if I am stupid or not :D

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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I have answered every question as of right now and I hope the answers wont disappoint you :s I am sure some probably will!
Also note: I drank beer while answering today ... I havent eaten anything yet ... I might edit some over the weekend but I will let you know ;) . Is there anyone else wanting to ask something? If not, do you want me to post or should we wait until tommorrow afternoon? I will post them at around 15 o clock gmt +2, friday! For sure! I cant do it later ;)

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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1)what was your worst experience on a party?
I once was at a party in a village I have never been and had to ring someone, so I went outside to talk
and as I usually do walked around ... long story short: I was on socks, lost, drunk, it started to rain and my batteries died during the call
so I couldnt even ask how I get back :( Took me a while to find my way back :x

2)your favourite sportler is...?
Rodney Mullen! Fucking legend...

3)describe every member of the clan with 1 word
ugh, thanks for that qustion! I will leave out honorary members.

hati: HERO
Todesgurke: GROOVY (if you know what I mean)
Gurkentod: NICE
Baruch: ACTIVE
miro: HERO
para: MUSIC
B2K: I need to get to know you better!
BrkDr4GoN: I also need to get to know you better!
Weiserschakal: WISE
Heroin: HIGH
funcat: AWESOME<3
Jane: I also need to get to know you better!
Blondchen: has a nice mom
WeedBernd: never met at all :(
k333nt: never met at all aswell :(
Liu Lin: NOODLES<3
Soulker: COOL

I hope nobody minds me listing soulker? :)

PS: I simply wrote down the first thing that came to my mind: sorry.
Please also keep in mind that there is no member in this clan that I slightly dislike! You are great!
And I am sure the friends I have not yet come to meet so often are just as great!

4)beer or wine?
Hmm, let me put it like this. Imagine an X every corner is either beer or wine ... There are certain beers I always prefer over certain types
of wine and certain types of wine I prefer over certain kinds of beer.
Overall I'd say I can say more about different kind of beer than wine but both are in my top three of alcoholic drinks. Rum would be in there too!

5)without which three things (exept water, food, air,..) can´t you live?
friends, time for myself, cmon it has to be beer!

1.Would you be faithful enough to be committed to only one girl for your lifetime?
I think I probably could, its difficult to say how this girls would be tho!

2.Has someone ever saved your life? If so when?
I cant think of any situation :)

3.What is your favorite store to shop at?
I can spend ages in artists stores! If you ever go to Oslo, go to Grunerlokka on a sunday! :) Its not really a store but they offer things you could
look at for ages! If it comes to clothes (I am not sure if you just ment any store or a certain type so I'll just answer some possibilities ;)) it's
probably Titus.

4.If I were to just turn up at your door how would you react and what would you say?
I would be REALLY surprised but in a positive way! Would probably offer you a drink and a cigarette first! :)

5.What do you think girls like best about your body? :P
Looking at question 4 again... come check it out and tell me what YOU like best? :P
Usually the ladys like my hair best >.< Does this count as body? I dont expose myself everywhere, usually :D


1 ::: Shintoism or Buddhism? Why? ::: 1
None of them. I am not religios. I believe in myself and humanity. This means you wont ever see being
disrespectfull against someone over a constant period of time. I think that is the worst someone can do.
But pray? No. Not in a shrine and not to Buddha. This is why I cant really answer this question miro,
I dont know enough about them and I wouldnt want to choose one. I just aint religious.

PS: This is actually the last question I answered of you. I hope my answers wont disappoint you because I could imagine,
that there is a connection between all of them. Especcialy when reading question 5 ;)

2 ::: Red Or Blue In This Clip? Why? ::: 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCUhFZnxoBU
I cant watch it and every other computer in this house is in use atm D: :( I am sorry.
BTW: I like the colour blue more than red. You will often see me wearing blue clothes.
Only very, very, very rarely wearing red! :D

3 ::: You are Rain. Where would you fall: in a lake or in a desert? Why? ::: 3
In a lake. This wont destroy a working ecosystem. Simple as that ;)
Oh: I wrote that yesterday and now I want to add: I dont think rain alone could
help in a desert. There is a reason why it is a desert.

4 ::: You are Love. Where would you blossom? Why? ::: 4
In the soul of every human who doesnt smile deeply from his heart atleast once a day. I think that already would
make this world a lot more enjoyable and: happy! I believe that there is place for happyness, no matter in what
situation you are! And everyone should be able to experience this!

5 ::: What is the last question? Why? ::: 5
Omg, I cant tell... is it because I wasnt able to watch the video? :(
Because I dont understand enough of Shintoism and Buddhism?
Because I didnt read between the line of the lines of the lines? :D
I am sorry but my answer will only be: 42. or 45? xD

1. What do you think of americans?
I have no special opinion of americans, I know a few sympathic ones, a few unsympathic ones - thats it! Counts for
every other nationality aswell.
What you are often reading in the news lately puts america in a rather bad light but I dont want to
generalize that on the population. :)

2. What is your opinion on the bombing attacks in Syria, and the decision of America starting a war?
Tbh, I didnt follow the situation in Syria closely, I have only been reading the headings of articles from time to time. Shame on me, really.
Although I believe in human rights and something as to be done by the industry states, I dont think it should
always be war. In my understanding, dictaorship is bad, and I am happy to see that since 2011, the people
in the arabian states have been protesting, I am not happy about the use of violence in that extend. But, how is it possible to
demonstrate against a dictator w/o? IDK.
I think, before any state should start to take action connected with violence, everything that is possible over diplomatic
actions should have been tried, atleast thought of - carefully! I understand and know that this might not help
innocent people in Syria instantly - but would war do so? I am sure it woudlnt.

3. How did you come up with your ac name?

In a phase of utter uncreativity, I just took the name of the W-LAN stick I used back in the days, failed to read - and Robtics was
born! :D Yes, the USB did actually say Robotics and if I'd had read it correctly I probably wouldnt have used it.

4. If you had to learn another language not including german and english (cuz your not that bad in english) what would it be and why?
I think it'd be Russian as they also have a different alphabet. Asian languages are not quite my thing I guess ... maybe also
because my sister is such a big fan of them? :D

5. Is your lamp dirty?
My lamps are perfectly clean! :) Except for one ... I guess thats more of a graveyard than a lamp :s Thanks for making me aware :D

1) do you like hotdogs and would you eat them for rest of your life?
I love hotdogs - every now and then!

2) What is the most important thing in life for you
Difficult question... there are many things I love to have!
The most important thing is definately always having a bunch of good friends around you who you can
talk, laugh or do whatever kinda shit you want to with! I wouldnt trade that for anything else!

3) if you could have one weapon in real life which one would it be?
I dont need a weapon, my charme is deadly :P but ... if I could choose ... a tank that shoots laser beams and can fly aswell as dive! Woooohooo!!
And it should have a comfortable living room inside xD

4) what is your fav hobby?
Skating! definately! Others hobbies are acting and photography.

5) do you liek cats or dogs?
umm, I suppose you ment to type "like". If so: dogs! More work but I think if you care about them,
they are a lot more rewarding. We have two dogs, two cats and a horse actually ... the dogs are way more fun!
They can do tricks :D

1) What do you think about "Gender" in generell and in cases of your own behaviour to your girlfriend?
I dont care whether someone is male, female, alien or gay or whatever! Its still a human, so am I!
I think I treat my girlfriend very equal rightet! Ofc I am happy if she brings me beer and sandwhiches tho! Not
gonna decline that :D I would never force her tho.

2) What is the most important River in the World?
I would say the Amazon river, it is not the biggest one (...I think) but it ensures life for so many km² of rain forest and
probably thousands of animals and also humans. And it has dolphins in it :D

3) How would you solve the problem with the AralSea?
I think the situation in the Aral Sea has gotten better and better since around 2000? I was still so small back then :D I dont know exactly.
But what I think is now most important is an agreement betwenn Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. As far as I know they are in an
argument about the actions that have been taken so far and what would probably help most now, is when both countries pull on one end!

4) What do you like most about ?
About what? Sorry if I didnt read between the lines of the lines carefully enough but if you ment questions:
They make you think ... atleast they should! :D

5) what would you do with your hamster if its rainy??
MICROWAVE! fact: I will never keep a hamster.

1) Have you ever been in love ?
Yes! I am with my girlfriend for more than two years now and still very happy!

2) What do you think boys like the most about your body ?
There are a few that constantly keep touching my ass :P Dont get me wrong here
all hetero! :D

3) DId you know I'm black ?
I infact know that you are white! ;) And sexy as fuck!

4) Which is your favourite toe ? (and send a pic pls)
I dont have one ... this is something I never thought about before.
I have a favorite finger tho ... I wont post a pic as it might
be offensive ;) You should be able to tell which finger I am thinking of! :D

5) What is your worst characteristic ? (greed, selfishness, etc.)
My worst characteristic is that I can be very VERY unconcerned. This might be good
in some situations, others are often stressed while I dont even bother but in other situations
e.g. studying for school, homework, any of the kind it is very unhandy obviously. :s

1. What was your worst accident ever?
I actually never hurt myself badly before, well, atleast nothing that got me into hospital.
As a child I once went down a very steep garage entrance with the fucking gate closed on my tricicle.
I only know this from storys tho. Apparently I was so in love with the "speed" that I just went down there
before my parents could react. :D Ouups.

5. Favourite Beer label?
AHHHH dont ask me something like this. I like Becks, Jever, Heineken, Astra, Carlsberg, Tuborg best I guess. Those
are the ones I usually buy myself. I enjoy most beers tho, just not Weizen or mix drinks. (If you can even
consider them beer)

2. What was your most ashaming theatre role?
Ashaming theatre role?! How can you be ashamed of yourself? Which is the way you should think if playing.
While theatre you are not your actual seld playing, you are the role being itself. This is important incase somebody
forgets his text or an action so you can easily continue without the audience noticing.
What would the role do? What would the role say? How would the role move? If you are ashamed of the role
you cant really do such things spontaneous.

4. Funcat, Lisi, Jane or Liu Lin? Why would you choose her and not the one of the three other girls?
Lisis mom sounds really nice! Funcat is awesome! Liu Lin is an actress and knows to handle noodles.
I havent spoken or seen much of Jane yet, which really is a shame!
If I had to decide between those three tho, it'd probably be funcat (<3) as I know her for a few years
now! This doesnt mean that you other ladies are unsympathic! The opposite is the case! And I'm looking forward to
get to know Jane better!

3. Longboard or Skateboard?
Skateboard! You can cruise with those aswell, okay they are louder and not as comfortable but
its just SO rewarding if you stand a trick you have never done before! Best feeling ever!

Liu Lin
q1. Please talk about the meaning of theatre!
The meaning of theatre? Oh this is a question about you could probably write a whole book.
I play theatre because I love the bonding between all the players as the probes continue and
the athmosphere backstage and after the premiere!
From a different point of view, theater is a medium too! You can educate, critizise, amaze and entertain people
perfectly and I think this is a really important aspect aswell.

q2. Create your most interesting role for theater and talk about your motivation behind it!
:D Actually the role I would like to play so badly is a very very small role, with barely any text BUT this is the point of the role aswell!
Play it good and convincing without many lines! Most informations the audience gets are from other characters.
The role is called Sexy Mark, a radio moderator on Radio Rock, sexiest man alive and just safe as fuck. Excuse my way of expression ;D
If I am lucky I can play this role in a modified way in the next play we are going to do!!!! :)
He appears on the movie "Radio Rock", I think the english title is "The boat that rocked". Really fun movie! Loads of jokes, not
too deep but also not too bad. Just a perfect movie to watch after a hard day with a beer and with friends.

q3. Lisi asked miro in his hot chair about the life after death. Join the discussion and prove both wrong!
Let me open a beer, and start read carefully first. Thanks! :)

Ok. I got to agree with miro. I dont believe in a life after death. YOLO! And I take this serious.
NOt like the word is used in general. Plants do reproduce themselves, plants grow, plants evolve. Plants dont have a
life after death, I think everyone agrees on this? Yes? No?
Plants are organic things - this is what a human is aswell. A human will die. We will become a little bit of earth and probably a
few bones after our death. Thats it.
From a more philosophical point of view, I would say: There is no life after death. No way! BUT life originates after death!
A rotting organic thing is food for all kind of insects, plants growing on it.
I wont be writing a novel like miro :P but feel free to join the discussion aswell or simply make your statement!

q4. What do you think about the following quote by Shakespeare?

All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time
plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

He makes a point. Everyone adapts and changes his lifestyle a few times in his live. I guess many many humans are even acting like
belonging to one group at a certain point, and in the next moment, when nobody watches and other people are around, they pretend to be
someone else with the same name and body again.
I wouldnt say, which was another thought of me, that one act is for example the teenager time... you enter the stage at a certain age, and
leave a few years later. Its not what he ment, or what I understood.

q5. (If you have time.) Please watch the very interesting & much discussed movie Arirang (you can find it online) by the amazing south korean moviemaker Kim Ki Duk and tell me what you think about it! It should be very interesting for you as actor!
I am sorry I couldnt make it but I will remember the name and hopefully get to watch it later, I will update this post then!
I cant watch videos on my computer and usually have to borrow my moms or my sisters computer if I really want to watch one.
I doubt they'd be okay with me borrowing it for a whole movie tho :s

1. If you're doing pushups, are you pushing yourself up or the world down?
I am studying engeneering atm, I am sorry but I will have to answer this like one aswell,
you let yourself go down SLOWLY and then go up again, hold your weight for a while being on the deepest point.
Your personal mass is approaching 0 compared to the world which makes it impossible to push the world down.
IDK, you probably move the ground a little but also to a degree where its approaching 0.
Actio = Reactio, your hands are getting deformed, meaning there is a force applying to the ground aswell. Your weight.
Ah wtf, this answer should have been done in two short sentences. :D

2. Who is the best skater in the world?
Honestly, there is none. There are so many ways you can combine tricks, so many different ways to skate, obstacles etc.. Nobody can
be pro at everything. My favorite skater is probably Rodney Mullen - oldschool but damn, he is so good!

3. Would you stop gaming, if a girlfriend would get unattracted to you due to your hobby?
Yes, I think I would - aslong as I am stil attracted to her ofcourse ;)
This wouldnt be a reason to let contacts and friends I made ingame go down the drain! <3

4. What was the most exciting moment in your life?
Ugh, I have no idea! Depending on how you ment exiting :D I can either say
first time sex or if you ment it in a different way: I cant answer that, there were
many exiting moments in my life.

5. Your favourite role in a theatre play ever would be?
Read my answer on Liu Lins question #2

1. Do you believe in miracles and fairytales?
Nope, although fairytales can teach you something for your life to!
(And teh moral of the story is...)
2. What do you want to change in your life, if you can? And why?
In my life? ATM? Nothing, I am happy! Things couldnt be better I think.
3. What do you like most about your girlfriend? :DD
I can easily spend 48 hours + with her and it usually doesnt get annoying at all! :)
4. Do you like to go to parties? :DD
I cant do multitasking, I never have fun while attending parties.
Only kidding! Yes I do! Meet new people, make new freinds, experiences :)
As I said in my introduction, I usually wouldnt go into a disco by myself, I have
to get forced! :D

5. Is your lamp still dirty ? :DD
No, its a graveyard out of a picture book! :) I stopped calling it lamp now!

Excude grammatical and spelling mistakes!:*

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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I can haz discuss? xD

to my question 1:

I didnt ask you this question because i do think that you are believing in it or that you are religious :) And i don´t want to make you pray.
I don´t know if i see religious things in shintoism or buddhism. If you really pray to buddha, you haven´t understood buddhism xD

For me Shinto is smth like psychology and buddhism is smth like social philosophy.

Let me say... i asked you because i know wanted to know for which one you would decide. Cuz this would say much about you :)

But it´s fine, your answer said already much xDDD

to my question 2:

It´s a scene from the movie matrix. If you know the movie, which pill would you take, the red or the blue one and WHY? xD

to my question 4:

I love your answer really much, even considered the fact that its not possible in every situation :)
(Well ok, it would be possible, but i would judge you as mad then xD)

to my question 5:

Do you think that 42 became something like the excuse for everything? xD

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

You can haz dicuss!

No I havent understood Buddhism, neither have I understood Shintoism, simply because I never informed myslef on the essence of them ;) Now I am intrested, what conclusion did you draw from my answer?

I havent seen Matrix :x But I will google what those pills are about ;)
Ugh ... cant tell, IDK how the matrix looks like or what is ment by the real, post apocalipic world in the context of the movie!

If I think about it like this: 1 pill for an unknowing good life in a fake world or a hard life in a real world ... would I be living at all if I make a choice?

Q5: I dont think so, no, but I was clueless! :D

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Fri Aug 30, 2013 2:03 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Hehe :)

to q1: What do you think what conclusion i got? :)

to q2: The Choice is living :)

to q5: ...mh ... so what is 42 for you? xD

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

42? an "inside" joke from a sci-fi book :D

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Fri Aug 30, 2013 3:49 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Ye, ofc! xD

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Fri Aug 30, 2013 4:08 pm
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

what did you think? :D

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points

NO! It's the answer to EVERYTHING! No blasphemy in the halls of .45...

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RE: rob on the hot chair

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by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

@ Rob: My Question was, what it means to you xD

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Sat Aug 31, 2013 11:39 am
by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

thats it ;D

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Sat Aug 31, 2013 2:10 pm
by miro | 2.782 Posts | 2783 Points

Ohhhhh! kk! xD

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RE: rob on the hot chair

in On The Chair Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:48 am
by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points

I forgot to point out, that I share your view on Rodney Mullen!

Watching this guy doing what he does is hypnotizing as f***!!! :O

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