LSS, The Strategy Manual 1.0 [Open Project]

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Hello mates,
months ago I started writing a full lss guide for the ac community, but now I don't have so much time to continue it and I'm about to change this work by "private and own project" to an "open project". So now everyone can add tips, suggestions and thoughts and english corrections. My skills are not the same of months ago but I still have 2 years of experience and I've played (and mostly won) every best lss player.
When I believe this work over I will release it on ac forum avaliable for the whole community and also downloadable in pdf format

Legend: * are comments and will be removed after the release


This manual is written to spread lss among the folk and is designed for both experienced and new players. I'm about to discuss Last Swiss Standing in different ways and trying to explain the basic and the advanced tecnic and movements. I'm writing in a simple English accessible to everyone and trying to outline key steps that my reader have to focus in mind.
So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Chapter I - Last Swiss Standing
A discussion about the meanings of lss and the gameplay

First of all I advice for the new player to read the wiki page of lss accessible Here

Last Swiss Standing is my favorite mode, but it's not only a game full of explosions and brawls with knife, it's a clear example of the ancient human being: to survive. And what could be better than a knife and a bunch of grenades for the battle of our survival? Told that, lss can be defined as our Fight to Survive and for this reason you need to consider all the ways to win (remaining in the sphere of legality of the game of course), for example campering doesn't exist in this mode, partly because of that and partly because most of the lss maps are very small.

This mode can be played in public matches (pubs) and in head to head fights (1vs1), both of them are useful to understand the game mechanics and to gain a solid game experience.
There are a lot of maps good for lss, for sure the smallest one are better especially in 1vs1, and every map has a different way to play. In this manual I'll consider only official maps, because custom maps most of the times can be unknown and for this reason they give a big advantage to the player who knows them by time. The official maps I prefer to play are: ac_douze*, ac_arctic and ac_desert. In my opinion such maps are the perfect example of the two kind of maps existing:
Movements based map (Mbm): ac_douze</b>; maps in wich there are a lot of "parkour tricks" also known as edge and hax jump and sometimes good spot where try a nade jump, I will talk and explain better these tecnic later.
>Strategy based map (Sbm): ac_arctic, ac_desert</b>; maps in which there are really few special jumps, most of them are made in one ground level, in such maps your movements skills are less important than your strategy

Told that, it's important to understand that both in Mbm and Sbm maps strategy and movements are very important, the real difference is the amount of importance they have. To be a complete player you need to obtain a solid strategy and movements skill.

Chapter II - Movements
All kind of jumps
Movements are the pragmatic part of lss, the only way to learn them is training untill you have a full controll and almost a 100% percentage of succesful. Doing whatever you want and you have in mind, reaching with jumps every spot and be in a certain point in the less time is a big advantage. Your player skin should be an extension of your body, as we control hands to make craft, to write and sometimes "to have fun" with our own body (*: Look at Todes for example :P), you should control your virtual player. One of the best way to improve movement skills is playing gema (* OMG i really wrote it months ago XD).
But like I said before movements are the pragmatic part of lss, so I'm about to list every movements that I know with the respective keyboard sequence:

Crouch jump, it's an easy jump that make your jump go longer, it works so: Run using W + (A or D) and keep hold them both W+A or W+D untill the end of the jump, jump (SPACE) and while mid air type one time crouch button(SHIFT)
Edge jump, is a jump that works with some "surfaces" of the map, like a box or a rock, it works so: Run using W + A or D and keep doing it holding them like in the crouch jump, crush on the surface you want to climb over and instantly spam jump (SPACE SPACE SPACE) as faster as you can, while mid air type crouch button one time (SHIFT)
Hax jump, is a "special" jump that make you

Fake Movements
One of the key of lss is to be unpredictable to avoid your opponent granades or run away from a disadvantageous situation. The ability to do fake movements exploits the weakness of the human sense of seight and the common thought of certain objects like doors and ladders. Sometimes this moves are helpful to dodge and sometimes to strike back an enemy attack, for a complete succes we must act like actors pretending to be naive and careless. In game I use often some standard fake moves:

Fake door (or window), this one is mostly my favorite fake movement, normally we think that a door is a thing made to enter in it, this is because we are accustomed to the common use of doors in every day life, but not always is. In some situation our brain thinks so quickly that if we see someone entering in a door we instanctly think that he's entering into, especially if he'is running away for many rasons that could be that he hasn't nades or he's low hp etc.

Chapter III - Knife
Some tips about this powerfull weapon
Kinfe can be really a powerfull weapon in the right hands, but you should learn by experience how to pull it out. Experienced players know

And here we go with the notes and random toughts!!!!!!

Usefull links




He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious.

1)Do not try to slash an opponent who have full life when you are 50 hp or lower, it's like gifting your opponent 2 scores.

2)When your opponent hit you and you have more than 50 hp try to stab him even he's full, but do not forget to run away if he hit witht the knife for first.

3)When you have the opportunity to stab your opponent even if u have a nade do it but do not forget
that if you have 50 or lower life gib him.

4)Sometimes can be usefull having as current weapon your knife, because your opponent can't see that you have granades too.

5)IMHO crouching in a knife fight it's usefull and jumping it's useless.

6)In a knife duel you should get an advantage by the map, prefer the places down your opponent.

7)Try to understand if your opponent is right or left hand, they stab in different ways.


After all i advice you to learn the base of the Assaultcube movements: strifle running, edge and crouch jumping, running backward and hax jumping. Once you can controll all the moves written before you're ready to go to the arena.


-Don't forget that crouching and jumping produce sounds, so if you really want be a ninja and attack your opponent with surprise you need to jump and crouch only when it's needed.

-The main movements to avoid nades is running in circle, controll this tecnic and you will dodge a rain of nades.

-Doors are always your friend, go into a door and then come back suddenly maybe pull out the knife too and stab him. This is basically a fake movement.

-Use the edge jump to gain a boost, it's usefull to avoid nades or to go faster close to your opponent. Hax jump can be used for the same reason.

-Do not give your tails to your opponent, run bacward instead always watching him, you need to kn ow where he is.

-Do not forget to watch your back while climbing stairs by keeping pressed W and S. You can also throw knife while climbing backward.

*This is not a discussion about if ac_douze is a good map or no.
Working in progress..

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RE: LSS, The Strategy Manual 1.0 [Open Project]

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Also tip : use nades

Haha I'm so funny.

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you need to know:
-where is your enemy
-where will he go
-what will he do

then you can react

Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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ty man :)

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Shots fired

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RE: LSS, The Strategy Manual 1.0 [Open Project]

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you havent won the ESL 1o1 LSS champion of 2010? ... or have we played? idk :D will read later but I guess I'm too rusty to add anything advanced

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I wasn't playing lss at that age, i play lss since 2 years and a half. But lss is involved in the recent years, your style is old mate :P jk

Feel free to write something :)

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