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°|°°1°°|° Show me a music video from postmodern brazil you really like.
its quite funny, so i liked it :D

°|°°2°°|° What means Individualism to you?
Individualism means to me, that i can do, what i want(as long i dont break a law or sth like that.) and can be the person, i want to be. Of cause other people can influence me, or try to influence me, but they cant force me to be the person, they want me to be. Everybody is special, and even when my live isn´t the best, i wouldnt like to swich life with someone, because that wouldnt be me.

°|°°3°°|° Tell me about the most romantic scene you can imagine.
i cant tell you the most romantic scene, for me a scene isn´t romantic because of that, what is happening,. The important thing, which makes a scene a romantic one, is the thought behind it.
so a litte can be more romantic than a big candlelight dinner or sth., like that. It all depends on the circumstances and the meaning behind the scene.

°|°°4°°|° What makes you excited and gives you the feelin that you are really alive?
hmm, i think, i know, what you mean by that, but its nothing what I feel very often...
I feel really alive, when I am with my girlfriend, and i really really felt alive, when i had the accident

°|°°5°°|° Create a theory about the universal meaning of "relation".
a relation between two people are their meaning about them and their feelings and behavior to each other.


1. Why the f*** should YOU be invited to CERN over ME?! (^_^)
because I am in a course with a lot of freaky physicist and i have a freaky physicist teacher (and i think, i am a freaky physicist too...)

2. What do you want to do with your life? (Job, Family, Making a difference somehow...a general overview of your CURRENT wishes and ideas)
well, at first i want to come out from home and my family. I will study (something with Physics :P), and most important for me are and will be my friends and my girlfriend, there will nothing change :D I am not interested in getting children in the soon future, maybe later, but not the next years.. I also want to do something crazy, like going away for a year with no plan or idea, where i want to go, but i only let me surprise, where i will come out. But thats also just dreams for the future, after the future, at first i just want a "normal" life with the persons, who are important for me.

3. Are ants and termites, which explode when fighting enemies, compatible with the theory of evolution? And if yes: With which ones? (e.g. Camponotus cylindricus)
yes, its compatible, because they are part of big group/family. The most importent thing is for them, to guarantee the survive of this group and to make sure, that they can make a lot of baby- ants/termites to increase their group. So the survive of the group is more important than the survive of single ants/termites

4. What do you think will be the next big advancement in human technology? ( And I mean BIG, not iPhone 10 ;) )
i don´t think, that it will be something like teleporter, or time-machines.
It could be some changes in alternative energie (just because human HAVE to innovate them, because there is not so much oil left.)

5. What's the most fascinating lifeform you have ever heard of and why?
what do you mean exacty? livestyle or lifeform like an special animal?
If you mean the second one:
I am really fascinated from different animals. The fascinating thing is one special lifeform, but how they solved all the problems, which tho enviroment gave them and how they managed to survive.
(how managed birds to fly, suicide bomber animals (your 3rd question :D) the soundsystem of baths,....

1. Imagine 45 would buy a spaceship to colonize another planet. Describe the journey & the search for this planet in a story. Give details about the jobs of every member and describe the social development. Also include some nice elements like interesting stopovers in the journey. :)

It would be very funny to have a a adventure like this with this crazy clan. There would be sometimes trouble too, but i the whole i would enjoy this jorney very much :D
.45|Todesgurke Leader of our armed troups

.45|Alea soldier/ peacekeeper

.45|Gurkentod calculates the route for the shuttle

.45|Snowman aka. Old.Snow responsible for the parties on the shuttle

.45|Robtics soldier/sharpshooter

.45|S0uLk3R responsible for software

.45|hati he built the ship

.45|miro every story has an old wise man (gandalf, dumbledore) that will be you :D

.45|para responsible for hardware

.45|B2K responsible for hardware

.45|BrkDr4GoN responsible for software

.45|Baruch navigates our shuttle away from asteroids in gema style

.45|Separ soldier/responsible for weapon equipment
.45|Weiserschakal he is an undercover agent on an enemy shuttle, so don´t worry when you see him not so often :D

.45|Heroin responsible for the parties on the shuttle

.45|funcat works in the kitchen

.45|Jane works in the kitchen

.45|Blondchen works in the kitchen
joke, they don´t have to work only in the kitchen, just becuase they are women. ofc. they have other jobs too, like cleaning the ship,...

.45|J!NX expert for aliens: he throws his aliénball to catch them, and then he gets information about them on his alién-Dex

.45|Alireza he will answer the questions of the galactic sphinx, so she will let us go


1.Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac? wtf!!??!?!
never saw someone faster than me ;)

2-You know the oxygen masks on airplanes? I don't think there's really any oxygen. I think they're just to muffle the screams!?!?!
yeah, you got it :D

3.If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?
you mix up love with sex

4. How does a doctor feel when he loses a patient in the emergency room? The same way a child feels when he drops his ice cream... you agree!?

no, the child can´t get imprisoned for that...
and you cant compare a patient with ice cream.... you cant eat the patient


-- Have penis-sized nippels
-- nipple-sized penis
none of this options


1. If you were a Microsoft Office program, which one would you be? and why xD
i think, i would be exel :D

2. Pepsi or Coke ?

3.If you were to write an autobiography, what would the title be?
"The autobiography from Ronny Rahman"

4.Who copyrighted the copyright symbol?
nobody, i think

5.Why do people say, "you've been working like a dog" when dogs just sit around all day?
because they ARE just sitting around all day


#1 What does the fox say?
"I am faster than Internet Explorer"

#2 Would you describe yourself as "that guy from the couch" ? Why ?
no, i have no couch, only a (hot) chair :)

#3 What question would you have liked to answer?
"Do you wanna have all my money?"

#4 Fizzy water or not?

#5 You are late for a date. Would you help the granny cross the street?
yes,if i am too late for a date, the date can´t be so good:D

Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points



Actually I didn't get what you meant about me.. xD

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Gurkentod | 401 Posts | 401 Points

alea want to be a policeman, so...

do you know, what a sphinx is?
its a mystic creature, and it gaves you some riddles, when you meet her.
when you answer right, she will let you go your way, if not, you are dead :D

u made us all to answer question, so that will be your job now ;)

Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

Yea I knew what was the sphinx. But I didn't get your meaning by it. xD

Sadly I don't have the her last power IF you don't answer the questions.

But nice job. And thanks.

Ok guys it's time for the next burning butt.

It will be BrkDragon.

P.S. tell him in skype or.. to come and make his chair.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Robtics | 522 Posts | 522 Points

what?! D: no fizzy water??

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Gurkentod | 401 Posts | 401 Points


Killing people is no solution, but it´s an option (but not in real life!!!)

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by para | 492 Posts | 492 Points

I meant the lifeforms, not the lifestyle. This was indicated by my choice of the term "lifeforms". xD

Like bioluminescent creatures in the deep sea or sponges or all those colorful and weird creatures in the rain forests...


Me, responsible for hardware? I guess that makes me Geordi La Forge ... lol ... now I'm blind. Thanks. xD

I missed the development of the characters and some nice places we explored in the story ... maybe we should
write a .45 Sci-Fi / Fantasy Story together in a special thread and each member has to write something like 1-3
sentences to proceed in the storyline and we always switch seats (like according to our memberlist or sth.)...

Could be funny. :)


You gain a bonus point for giving almost the same answer like I did when the discussion about the exploding ants occured. ;D


Still ... your answer to my first question does not compute. ;D

... because I called "dibs" when I saw the LHC first. ;D

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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Hey Gurkentod, ty for answers :)

Discussion time xD

I will concentrate on my questions, since i guess discussion would become to long otherwise.

to 1. ... postmodern brazil???

to 2. Oh i meant individualism as social process (what it means actually).

to 3. That´s why i asked for a specific scene as example xD

to 4. Try to have more accidents xDDD

to 5. Didn´t meant human relationships. "relation in a universal meaning" ? :)

Btw... Ty for the Gandalf xD

But actually i am not even in his age:

(There is the rumor he is about 5000 years old xD)

... so the white hair has to wait for at least 50 years!

@para: and he gets a minus-point cuz he did answer similar to you to the ant thing xD

One last thing to Heroin´s interesting question about love:

1. Sex triggers thoughts about love, but you can deny them. So your answer is basically wrong.
2. There is no unconditional love. So it can be one condition for love (even for otherwise relatively "unconditional" love). And lingerie represents main life attitudes. But you can deny them.
3. So Heroin´s questions is still not answered but has to be specified first: which type of lingerie? Since any type can rarely be a condition of relatively "unconditional" love or sex-based love.

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

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by Alireza | 418 Posts | 418 Points

Brk is not online. Grrrrr...

So report to the hot chair section @Liu Lin

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted.

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RE: barbecued Gutod on the Hot Chair

in On The Chair Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:57 pm
by BrkDr4GoN | 107 Posts | 107 Points

i am online im just waiting for my turn

i like fluffy things

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