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1) in evolution humans adapted to their environment each generation and only the fittest ones survived so in that case how did you become todesgurke?

1000000000000000 years ago the Gurkosaurus came on land to find another Gurkosaurus to make children. But the poor Gurkosaurus just found a neat girl :DD

2)What other games than assault cube do you enjoy playing

Need for speed ( Most Wanted, Most Wanted2, Hot Pursuit), Split Second or Curve Fever :p
More or less only Racing games :D

3) Why you no love me

Because I hate you, what else? xP No actually you are a very cool guy, you have much energy and give me always power, but sometimes I just want to relax a bit and you go on my nerves :D But that is really seldom and depends of my own mood :D

4)Whos is your favourite superhero and why?

Is Roroana Zorro from One Piece a superhero? :D Then that’s the answer :D
He trained hard and is such a badass, but he is still helping his friends to reach their dreams, but never forgets his own goals in life. He is fighting until the end.

5) if you could have any power which one would it be?

The power to freeze the time :D
Sometimes I have so much things in my mind, but not the time to think about it or to do it.

I like Separ's beer too
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RE: Todesgurke's hot chair

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1.Whats your favorite man in the History ?

Noone O.o
Idk what to say, but I just don't have any favorite man in the past history xDDDD

2.Have u every hated me ?

No,I have never had the chance to hate you :D

3.Do u have a girlfriend ?

Currently not

4.What do you think about Kahnii ?

He was a nice guy, when I met him first, but sometimes his behavior was shitty. Actually idk much about him…

I like Separ's beer too
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RE: Todesgurke's hot chair

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1. Why Todesgurke and What does it mean?

Todesgurke = Cucumber of Death
I hate when people mix me and Gurkentod up
Gurkentod = Death of the Cucumbers

2. Your opinion about angrysouls.

We are not even angry souls any more xDDD I know the time when we had trouble every day and where angry about so much things, but now we are not angry xDD
I like 99% of .45, the friendly atmosphere ( even if I destroy it sometimes x) ), you can come and relax, have fun together and stuff like that. We reached a lot in the last months, other clans needed years for this and it may sound really narcistic but they will never reach our level of familiness. Except DES :D

3. Special opinion about Alea.

Lazy, unmotivated dog in a hotel at the pool, who listens to music or watches football. BUT he was here when the clan almost died, we were sitting alone in teamspeak ( or miro and para sneaked in and we were 4 people) and played on public servers the half night on funmaps in the hardest and darkest times of .45.

4. Choose 3 members and tell me what do you think about them. It can be everyone in the clan (even me) BUT EXCLUDE ALEA.

Miro: Heart,Soul Father,he is everything of .45 :D He did a lot for the clan and for me. Even if we had some bad times too :D
Para: I love his music in teamspeak. When I go to a club sometimes I think:" dat music is crap as fuck", I need para's music and funny/lovely mood now :D
Baruch: you have to love him :D there's no way to dislike baruch <3

5. At last but not least, What do you think about Hot Chair? Did you enjoyed it?

My arse feels burned <.< no actually an awesome idea, also to keep the forum a bit going and to get to know to each other more and more :D

I like Separ's beer too
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RE: Todesgurke's hot chair

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Nice Answers! Cuz of time i read only the answers to my questions atm, but rare & unbelieveable, i have nothing to discuss atm xD

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RE: Todesgurke's hot chair

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2 things to add:

NFS:U 2, MOFU!!!! O_O

RORONOA ZORO!!!! YES!!! Mugiwara Pirates had not been able, if he hadn't been there! He likes to keep in the background, drinking and playing the hard guy while having an awesome character inside, but when there is a fight for him, he will surely show you how it's done with style! - I also like his dislike of Sanji. They are both good fighters, but if I were with Mugiwara I would have hard times with Sanji, too. He just falls on his knees for every woman and by doing that gets them used to feel like godlike creatures, who can get what they want by snipping their fingers...while hopelessly demanding all women's attention for himself looking like an idiot doing that. Fu**ing annoying. xD

I think I love style as much as Zoro. :D

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RE: Todesgurke's hot chair

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zoro is the best!

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