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Heyho Everyone! :DD

Do you want to join .45? Do you want to be part of a wonderful Family Clan?

Feel free to visit us on our Teamspeak Server! (So it would be great if you have a mic :D If not, it’s no problem, but it would be perfect if you could buy one, so we can talk and get to know you better) :D

So, first introduce yourself! :D You’ll see the questions below. Just copy, paste and answer them, please. :D
You don’t have to upload screens, that prove your skill because skill is not that important to us than personality, friendliness, an open heart and so on

Afterwards you’ll have to wait a bit (max. 5 days) for your interview. One or two members will ask some questions. This may be the same you already answered, but it’s a funnier and easier way to get to know each other better (you can ask questions, too, of course :D).
There are two ways to do an interview:

1.You have a mic: Everyone speaks and one is recording the whole interview. When you’re done, the interview will be uploaded on a private soundcloud profile. So everyone of the clan can listen to it.

2.You don’t have a mic: It will be a written interview. So nobody speaks. After the interview, one member will be editing it. This way lasts much longer to post in the forum. So please be patient. :D

After the interview is posted, the voting for your trial month will start. You need at least 7 F1’s and you can have only one F2 to get into the trial. When you have more than one F2, talking helps! So, just go to the people who voted F2 and talk with them about the problem and maybe the F2 turns into a F1 really quick.
In the trial month we’ll get to know your person and your behaviors, if you fit into our clan or not, if you’re friendly and openhearted. All that stuff. :D (By the way, if you didn’t have a mic till now, you’ll need one until your trial month is over.)

One month later, we’ll vote again. This time for your full membership. When you’ll pass this, you’ll be an official .45 member! :D

Oke, these are the most important questions:

1. What’s your nickname in AC?
2. What’s your real name, how old are you and where are you from?
3. In which timezone do you live?
4. What’s your favorite game mode, your favorite map, your favorite weapon?
5. How long do you play AC?
6. In which clans have you been before?
7. Why do you want to join .45?
8. Do you want to be part of the competitive or the fun team?

Additional info: Don’t be shy! There’s no reason. Even if your English is not that good. Nobody will laugh since you’ll be not the only one who has problems with it. We’re all one big family and because we’re so many, now, we miss some new applicants unintentional on TS since they’re muted or just don’t speak. So, just be persistent! :D

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