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Welcome to 45´s newest App Interview with Mordercai. Enjoy ;)


HERO!N: Where u from? and how old are u?

Mordercai: I´m from Australia, 15.

HERO!N: How long have you been playing AC? What´s you fav mode?

Mordercai: I started back in 2011. My fav mode is TOSOK, OSOK & Gema.

HERO!N: Oh nice, a new Gema Player . Do you have some records?

Mordercai: Yea, i actually do! Records on several maps. Most of them on Gema Central, before the server went down.

HERO!N: Nice. And tell me, is your lamp dirty?

Mordercai: my recent one is SE-GEMA-RACE... my what?

miro: It´s a famous Interview Question of Lisi

Mordercai: No...

miro: How is it in Austrialia, do you like it there?

Mordercai: It´s great! Unfortunately... we have a budget cut to improve our economy, so our internet is slower then usual..

HERO!N": :O How is the fence?

Mordercai: Fence? Like asylum seekers?

HERO!N: Dat thingy against the wild animals...

Mordercai: Very unsual question but the fence we have are not just wired... there electrical i think, 12volts.

HERO!N: You touched it :D?

Mordercai: No! It´s restricted!


(((For you readers: HERO!N played a 1vs1 before and got way too much headshots...)))

Mordercai: I'm not a trouble maker either, if thats wat ur thinking...

miro: Ok... let´s just jump to smth else... How would you describe yourself?

Mordercai: hmm... a very impatient but potential person. I learn something everyday. Even in Gema (the mechanics)!!

miro: So you are interested in a lot of things?

Mordercai: hmm... several... ones that amuse me. Such as games. Food, love that too. ...and comics!

miro: So you have a girlfriend?

Mordercai: Yes and no!

miro: Hahaha! What does that mean?

Mordercai: I've been asked... but I left her waiting... I´m not ready for the "responsibility"... and I rage over little things, though not in public like in AC.

miro: Seems like you are a very honest person?

Mordercai: I try to be! When were descret. Like 4 people max...

miro: That´s a nice attitude ;)

Mordercai: ...but if were in a group... i like to modify my attributes a bit.

miro: haha xD Almost everybody does ;)

Mordercai: lol, yea

miro: We talked about gaming... if you would do a "Let´s Play" of a certain game, what game would you choose and why?

Mordercai: Hmm, this is a tough one. I have a game to recommend, but also to be weary off: League Of Legends.

miro: Some Angry Souls play it, too

Mordercai: One of the biggest online MMO's of the time. Here´s the problem: in fact I have the game on right now... the problems is.... sure, working together in teams is alright and you make many relationships, but this game can ruin your life. One game is minimum 30 mins and it´s addictive!!

miro: Haha yee.

Mordercai: They literally give you free stuff to make sure you come back! I've been playing lol for 6 months now..

miro: ...but i assume u can handle it?

Mordercai: Me??? The little boy, who rages over little things?


Mordercai: Certainly not!!!

miro: I love you, man!

Mordercai: I've been quite toxic. Toxic- the term used to call a player who has a negetive attitude.

miro: Oh, cuz of raging?

Mordercai: Rage Boy + toxi c= doesnt end well... no... simply because my teams performance...

miro: Ahh... so you are actually nice to ppl ingame?

Mordercai: For a set duration.. once they hit 2 deaths, words come flying out ...i can't handle it though sometimes.

miro: ...then we have to train with u... we value good behavior very high in 45 ..more than skill. But dw... we wont kick you for accidents, as long as you try to handle it

Mordercai: Oh no, here in AC it´s fine! I can handle it. It´s just League Of Legends! ...it´s like the devil created it to make ppl hate each other!!!

miro: Bad for LoL, good for us ...that brings me to the next question. What does friendship mean to you?

Mordercai: Friendship in my defintion is a relation between two people that lasts long because of their bond and non-sexual love they've created.

miro: Haha, what an epic answer . What´s important for you in life?

Mordercai: My family!

miro: Oh nice!

Mordercai: This is difficult with league though... this goes back to the little rage boy inccident but i think you hear'd enough...

miro: Do you have brothers or sisters?

Mordercai: Yes, only sisters

Mordercai: And i can't really communicate with my dad often.. he's too mature. lol

miro: Ye some ppl are... life makes us what we are..

Mordercai: lol... only my sisters act silly.

miro: Are they younger?

Mordercai: I usually make friends over the internet... ah, yes!

miro: That´s a "hard" situation for you, i guess.

Mordercai: Yea, the only time i ever started acting non-mature was when i was 12 i think... i had my xbox and my dad would play with... i didnt wear suits to parties... combed my hair before i slept (dont ask me why)


Mordercai: ...or brushed my teeth ...and when i hit 13... i became active :/ ...then i met league... and now it´s mixed... I kinda like it. I am not 18, but i am not a kid...


Mordercai: So I´m in the middle.

miro: You seem really aware of yourself to me, thats nice ;)

Mordercai: Yea.

miro: What are you goin to do in life?

Mordercai: There just thoughts, I never usually let out...

miro: ...any plans?

Mordercai: Not really. I am gonna continue my maths and get a job... simple as that ...and perhaps go back to league . I hope by then im not a rage boy...

miro: So you dont want to study on university later?

Mordercai: i do. I am currently doing advanced maths. I am gonna do the harder one next year and so on...

miro: Ahhh nice, ye you seem intelligent to me.

Mordercai: lol


Mordercai: I need to fix my english though...

miro: (me too ) Do you believe in smth?

Mordercai: ...as a kid i've always been a catholic, but I am slowly becoming a atheist.

miro: I am atheist, too.

Mordercai: ...maybe its because of league, playing 8 hours on sunday instead of going to church.

miro: xDDD

Mordercai: ...but the determination to be good as well...

miro: i guess these are the postmodern times ... Now a very important question! What do you think about sloths?

Mordercai: Sloths?

miro: Yep. Don´t say smth wrong , we have some sloth fans in 45

Mordercai: The animal sloths, or sluts?

miro: Sloths, ye

Mordercai: Hmm... A very strange creature i might add. Is it a name of a famous person?

miro: ...not that I know. Do you like them?

Mordercai: I can't really say, i have no interactions with sloths nor do i plan to.

miro: hahaha xD

Mordercai: They can be quite scary at times!

miro: We even have a Sloth Of The Squeak Thread in our forum where we post sloth pics and clips

Mordercai: LOL

miro: Imagine you would meet a tribe of wild ppl… they want to eat you… but before they grill, you are allowed to ask one question to the chief of this tribe and if it´s a good question, they wont eat you. What would you ask?

Mordercai: hmm... If you spare my life, i'll show you a food chain where you can quell your hunger and thirst that for eternity.

miro: The chief will eat you, cuz it was no question, but still a nice answer

Mordercai: Oh, wait, lol, my bad. Let me answer again.

miro: Np. I can also ask the next question if you want?

Mordercai: I am not sure... next question please.

miro: Imagine you could become a god, what kind of god would you like to be?

Mordercai: God of knowledge!

miro: Haha nice one!

Mordercai: If you know... you shall... idk where I got the saying from...

miro: I will give you now 3 words and you will say smth to every word, ok? 1. "sky"

Mordercai: Clouds.

miro: Headaches.

Mordercai: Vaccine.

miro: Yellow balloons.

Mordercai: Party.

miro: ...and now the last and final question... we ask this question in every interview: if you would go to a lonely island and you are allowed to take only 1 thing with you, what would that be?

Mordercai: Does the island have internet?

miro: Nope.

Mordercai: Then I would take a book about humans and their adaptions.The human race including my family are the last people i'd want to forget.

miro: awwwwww


miro: Thank you for this very nice, honest and funny interview! Btw... F1 for trial

Mordercai: ...well ty you so much. I am having a pizza to celebrate ...and you know what ...this actually brought my family togther. I know to spend my remaining time with them!


Mordercai: bye

miro: cya ;)


Special Thanks to HERO!N & Separ!

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Mordercai <3


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RE: Mordercai

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Heyho Mordercai :DD

Very nice interview! F1 for Trial!

PS: Even when I'm not here, the lamp-question gets asked.. I love that! :D

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RE: Mordercai

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How could we forget to check every lamp out there for you?

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RE: Mordercai

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have you used other nicks before Mordercai?

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RE: Mordercai

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Oh sorry I thought you were already in trial xD

F1 of course ^^

Let's play some LoL or smite together :)

Haha I'm so funny.

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Hey members of .45| start voting F1 or F2 for Modercai for trial.

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RE: Mordercai

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F1 for trial.

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RE: Mordercai

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Ty guys sooo Much :D espcailly miro, he is just too friendly xD

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<3 Haha, nice to see you finally in our forum.

I guess if nobody wants to vote F2, we can make him trial? ;)

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RE: Mordercai

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Damit i can't make an F2 joke here, it is to hot outside...


I like Separ's beer too
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RE: Mordercai

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I do not know you well enough, come by on ts

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RE: Mordercai

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He was on ts3 for some days ;) but others werent xD

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RE: Mordercai

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F1 for trial

but i will meet u soon in ts :) ( I will be more there the next time)

i like beer
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f1 for trial

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