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So how does the new Chair Of Dr. Wisdom work?

1. Moderators

Main Moderator: The Master Of The Chairs - Alireza
Assistant Moderator: Baruch

2. Participants

Since the Red & Hot Chair is a Tradition of 45 it´s somehow obligatory for 45 Members to take part. At first these members will be captured on the chair, who havent been sitting on the Chair so far. Honorary Members can take part if they want to.

The Choice about the next Member for The Chair Of Dr. Wisdom is given to the one who is sitting on it. (Please take an active member!)

3. Rules

The Member who is sitting on The Chair Of Dr. Wisdom will be Dr. Wisdom for that time and will answer every, ye every question you have to him! That means you can ask him for example: What´s the Sense Of Life? or Why does my Cat like Cucumbers? or Why is it always rain on me? or What the fuck is Anthophobia? So basically everything what comes to your mind..

But every member can ask only 1 question untill this question becomes answered. So when your question becomes answered you can ask the next one.

Time: Every Dr. Wisdom will be there for 3 weeks. Question time is for the first 2 weeks. After that time there will be a voting/poll for the best question: So this question can be discussed in the third week under the lead of Dr. Wisdom! Furthermore Dr. Wisdom has to make sure, that a member who wants, can ask at least 3 questions in these 2 weeks.

Questions: You can ask everything you want. But try to avoid deep sexual, racist or improper Questions, since this will be posted in the public area of the forum and kids can read there. In addition to that you can not only ask questions. If you want you can post only a word, a quote, a picture or a short clip (not over 5 minutes) to our almighty Oracle Dr. Wisdom who will accept this gently as question, too and will answer this with his universal sageness.

Answers: Our 45 Sage Dr. Wisdom will not simply answer your question! In addition to that he will tell you what he thinks & feels about your gift of challenge/ the question.

In General: Throughout the Era of 3 weeks for which you have been summoned then, you will be a Person of great Sacredness, Respect & Honor. So pls fill that position exemplary & with proud! You should be active to this time in Forum! If you do it nicely all members of 45 will cherish & look up to you!!! Make 45 proud in your Era and lead us through the darkness of unknowing with your shining light oh beloved Sage of 45, Dr. Wisdom!!!

I wish a lot of fun to all members & good luck to Dr.Wisdom! The First Era of Wisdom will start on Monday!!!!

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Additional Rule

Since Baruch is now in Council and has a lot of hard work to face and Alireza´s not here atm i thought about a new moderator for the Chair Of Dr. Wisdom. But the solution seems very simple: The Member who is Dr.Wisdom will moderate the Chair Of Dr.Wisdom for himself.

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